How to Delete Instagram Account & Backup Your Instagram Data

Want to take some break from Instagram and want to deactivate your account, then just have a look for how to delete Instagram account permanently or temporarily and to backup data, along with Instagram deletion page followed by reactivation process…

Instagram is the largest social networking service and media in the world which almost involved in everyone’s life. From children to senior citizens, all are using Instagram for entertainment purpose, for browsing and some are making money with it by making reels and promoting sponsorships as this app is famous and widely used worldwide.

But you are thinking about to delete Instagram or Deactivate Instagram account, as you feel that you are wasting lot of time by scrolling the unnecessary feed in it. So it is a very simple process to delete your Instagram account permanently or temporarily. But there is a difference between Deletion and Deactivation of Instagram account. Learn about it and decide what to do with your account.

How to Delete Instagram Account

There are different methods to delete Instagram account permanently. Just check the simple steps about how to delete Instagram account through Phone and as well as online browser.

How to Delete Instagram Account on iPhone

  1. Open Instagram app in your iPhone
  2. Tap on Profile present at bottom left
  3. Click on Settings icon present on top right as three horizontal lines
  4. Select Account option from menu bar
  5. Scroll down and tap on Delete account
  6. Two options are shown again as Deactivate account and Delete account
  7. Again click on delete account
  8. Confirm the deletion by clicking on Continue deleting account

How to Delete Your Instagram Account on Android Phone

So many does not know the fact that Instagram not allow users to delete the Instagram account through Android phone. It not given access for permanent delete and as well as temporary delete or deactivation.

We unable to perform this in android phone, But you can simple delete your Instagram account by logging into browser. Just check the complete process to do this.

How to Delete My Instagram Account Online from Browser

  1. Launch the browser and open Instagram web or go through this link
  2. Login to your account by providing Username and Password
  3. Go to Delete your account page through this link
  4. Select the reason that why you want to delete
  5. Re-enter the password and click on Delete option given below

Instagram Account Deletion page

For android users, they will only able to delete the instagram account permanently through web browser. To doing this, you have to go with Instagram deletion page where reason will be asked for deletion and you able to delete account permanently. So to go through this page, there will be two process. One is simply open with link provided or through Instagram web.

  • The Link for the Instagram account deletion page is
  • Instagram Web
    1. Open your Instagram web and login with your account
    2. Click on more from home page and select settings option
    3. Scroll down and click on Help from menu bar
    4. Tap on Help center and then on manage your accounts
    5. Select Delete your account Option
    6. Choose Delete your Instagram account and there you get the link for direct access of Instagram deletion page

Difference between Deactivate Instagram and Delete Instagram

Many people thinks that deactivation and deletion are same, which is not similar in real case. If you really want to take a gap from Instagram there will be two options available – Delete or Deactivate.

  • If you delete Instagram account, it will no more available to restore it and no chance to access or to see your photos, videos or reels that you posted in your account.
  • If you deactivate Instagram account, you will be able to restore it from where you left. All photos, posts, reels you made are still visible after reactivating it. But in the time of deactivation, no one can see your profile in search.

So, in case of deletion you lose all your data, photos, chats or anything that included in Instagram account. If you want to save all the feed before deletion, there is an feature available in Instagram to save it in your phone. So lets check for it.

Note: It will take 30 days to permanently delete your Instagram account and upto 30 days your account will be hidden. Before 30 days, you can able to restore your account back by logging in or else it will be deleted permanently.

How to Deactivate Instagram Account

Now you can take a break from Instagram temporarily without deleting it permanently. You can deactivate your present account for some days. This feature will hide your account profile from search until you recover it back. There is no data loss and you can access your account where you left it.

Deactivate Instagram Temporarily through Web Browser

  1. Open your browser and go to Instagram web through this link
  2. Login to your account using Username and Password
  3. Click on Profile option from left side of the home page
  4. Tap on Edit Profile option present at top of the page
  5. Scroll down and select Temporarily deactivate my account option
  6. Choose the reason why you want ti deactivate and re-enter the password
  7. Click on Temporarily deactivate account option to deactivate finally

How to Backup Instagram Data

Now you can easily backup and download your account’s data into your mobile or PC, if you want to delete the Instagram account permanently. Just follow the simple steps to do this.

Instagram Backup through Mobile app

  1. Open Instagram app in your mobile
  2. Click on profile section present at left bottom of the screen
  3. Tap on Settings icon present on top as three horizontal lines
  4. Select Your activity option from the menu bar
  5. Scroll down and click on the option Download your information
  6. Enter your Email Id and click on Request download

Instagram Backup through Web Browser

  1. Go to your browser and login for Instagram or go through this link
  2. Enter your username and password and login to your account
  3. Click on more present at bottom left of home screen
  4. Tap on Your activity and select Download your information option
  5. Enter the email id on which you want to get the data
  6. Also select the information format like HTML or JSON and click on next.

How to Delete Instagram Account without Password

If you forget the password and still wants to delete your Instagram account then you just simply reset your password and do login again and continue the same deletion process to delete account. Now just check the different methods to reset your Instagram password.

Reset Password with your Email Id

  1. Open your Instagram app or Instagram web on your browser
  2. Click on Forgot Password on the login page
  3. Enter your Email Id
  4. You will get an login link to your mail to reset your password
  5. Reset New password and confirm it
  6. Login again to your Instagram account with your new set password

Reset Password with your Phone number

  1. Go to your Instagram app or Instagram web on your browser
  2. Tap on Forgot Password on the login page
  3. Enter your mobile number
  4. You will get an login link to your phone to reset your password
  5. Reset New password and confirm it
  6. Login again to your Instagram account with your new set password

Password Reset with your Facebook account

If you already linked your Facebook account with your Instagram account, then you simply reset your password to complete deletion process of your instagram account.

  1. On the login page, click on Login with Facebook
  2. Tap on Continue as @yourname
  3. It will login to your Instagram account where you can reset new password

How to Reactivate Delete Instagram Account

There are possibilities to recover your deleted or deactivate Instagram account. Just follow the simple steps to reactivate your account.

Here you have to make sure that you are login before 30 days of your account deletion. Because after 30 days of deletion, Instagram does not give access to you for login again. So the process required to reactivate your Instagram account before 30 days given below :

  1. Open login page of your Instagram app or web
  2. Provide required credentials like Username or email id or phone number and Password
  3. Click on login option to get login to your account
  4. Select Keep account option to restore it again and to prevent deletion.
  1. Why it is not showing delete Instagram account option in my phone?

    This was the case of android users of Instagram because it not allows their android user to delete Instagram account from mobile. So you just want to open Instagram web on your browser and login to your account. There you will get delete and deactivation process.

  2. Is delete and Deactivate Instagram account same ?

    No, delete means your account will be deleted permanently and you will lose the access of your account. But by deactivating your account you will able to reactivate it anytime without losing your account's data.

  3. Can I restore my permanently deleted Instagram account again ?

    Yes, you will reactivate your permanently deleted instagram before 30 days of deletion. But it is not possible after 30 days as Instagram does not give you access to restore it again.

  4. How do I know that my Instagram account is deactivated or deleted ?

    No, one can find your account if they search your username, you will no longer to able to login with your account.

  5. Can my followers know that I deactivated Instagram account ?

    No, Instagram does not send any notification if you deactivate your account or reactivate it again. But your name not shown in their followers list and they will not able to find it by searching also. After you reactivate it then they again able to see your account in their following list.

  6. Will I loose all the data of my Instagram account after deleting it ?

    Yes, keep remember that you loose all the data of your Instagram account like photos, videos and reels you made after deleting your account. So just backup all feed before deleting your Instagram account.

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