Ulta Credit Card Payment and Customer Service

Suppose you are a customer of Ulta Beauty, In that case, I am sure you would surely be using their exclusive Ulta credit card and how to pay ulta credit card, which is known as Ultimate rewards credit card, offers more discounts, and the opportunity to save by collecting rewards.

If you have used your credit card for payments, then you would also need to understand how to manage your card better and that is why we are going to help you understand more about the Ulta credit card account login process and then also show you the steps to make your payment dues clear as well.

Ulta Credit Card Payment

Ulta Credit Card Payment

As you already know Ulta Beauty credit card is provided by Comenity bank. Hence, the below guide shows you how to access Ulta beauty comenity bank page to login and complete payment.

  1. Open the Ulta Beauty rewards credit card page by Comenity bank from here https://d.comenity.net/ac/ultamaterewardscreditcard/public/home
  2. Click on Sign In button, under the Welcome back section enter your login details
  3. You need to enter your username, password and then click on the Sign In button
  4. Go to Accounts and select the credit card
  5. Click on Make A Payment, enter the amount to pay as per your convenience and the minimum balance to be paid
  6. Then click on the next button, select the payment method and complete the payment.

Can I make an Ulta beauty payment by mail?

Yes, you can send your payment by mail via cheque or money order to Ulta beauty provided address with a receipt of your credit card statement for the payment you are making for.

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Ulta Credit Card Phone Number

As Ulta Beauty credit card is provided by Comenity bank, you would need to reach out to Comenity bank customer service and during the initial conversation provide them information about the your card type and mention you own a Ulta Beauty Ultimate rewards credit card and then proceed with the customer care request you called them for.

For you to reach out to the Ulta beauty/ Comenity bank customer service you can call them at 1-866-254-9971 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918).

Does Target accept Ulta credit cards?

No, you cannot use your Ulta Beauty’s Ultimate rewards credit card at Target or any other stores online or offline except at Ulta Beauty stores or online I think.

Who does Ulta credit card bank with?

Ulta Beauty works with Comenity bank to receive financial service provider assistance to provide credit cards to its customers.

Who holds an Ulta credit card?

Ulta Beauty customers who have an eligible credit score can apply for the Ulta Beauty’s Ultimate rewards credit card through their offline stores or through Comenity Bank, but you would only be eligible if you meet the credit score and other criterias.

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