CGHS Online Appointment on New Timings to Consult Doctor

Find the slot as per your timings and confirm CGHS online appointment to consult the specialist doctor in any of the dispensary on booking, Get a confirmation SMS on registered mobile about the CGHS online appointment timings, Check why you have to book and how to book CGHS online appointment…

Let us assume that you are a Central government employee who enrolled in CGHS scheme, then there will be times when you will have to take doctors consultancy and medical help.

In such cases, you do not have to worry because the CGHS has made an appointment process for all doctors. The Central Government Health Scheme we speak grows larger every day in and out, to make sure that every citizen or employee enrolled into the scheme and able to meet medical demand.

CGHS has started the online doctor appointment booking structure through which anyone under the scheme may approach for a valid reason with their Beneficiary ID to book an appointment with a doctor as per thier timings.

CGHS Online Appointment

Now CGHS online appointment and timings made convenient to senior citizens and employees to overcome the waiting period, So book your online appointment as per your desired slot as below

  1. Visit on your browser
  2. Hover to Book Appointment
  3. Click on CGHS Walk-In
  4. Enter CGHS Beneficiary ID > Captcha Code
  5. Click Generate OTP
  6. Enter received OTP and Click Proceed
  7. Check the beneficiary details and click proceed
  8. Select City, Specialty, Dispensary, Doctor as per your choice and click on Proceed button.
  9. Select a GDMO (General DutyMedical Officer) or the specialist of any CGHS wellness centre
  10. Select Date of Appointment in calender
  11. Choose Desired Slot in timings
  12. Verify the data and check the changes of any required
  13. Click Proceed and find all your details
  14. Click Confirm to Book Appointment
CGHS Online Appointment
CGHS Online Appointment Booking

CGHS Online Appointment Timings

As of now CGHS members think that, it hard to book a doctor’s appointment as per their timings through offline process which is something why the government made so much easier with new slots pattern of CGHS online Appointment timings in online with below benefits.

  • CGHS Online appointment booking for doctor made easy from online or App
  • Book appointments and get token numbers directly from your CGHS beneficiary ID
  • View the Appointment details as per CGHS online appointment timings from your account anytime
  • Book a slot at any CGHS with the option to book an online appointment by different drop-down menu is incredible such as
    • Select City
    • Select Speciality
    • Select Dispensary
    • Select Doctor
  • Once doctor is selected, you can then click on the Calendar shown and select a date, time among the updated available ones with CGHS online appointment timings.
  • Confirmation SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number.

So if you want to book a doctor’s time which means CGHS online appointment, then you can go to the CGHS Doctors appointment web portal from here, then, simply follow the instructions given on the page as above which will help you to last step easily.

How much time will i get CGHS Appointment?

As per the allotted timings, the appointment for GDMO can be taken within 72 hours, but for the specialist CGHS doctor, this can be taken within 1 month from booking and shown in the status.

How to Book CGHS Online appointment for the same day appointment with CGHS doctor?

Online appointment window does not allows for same day, but this may changed as per the decisions of authorities, so your may check frequently if required.

What will happen if have not attended the CGHS doctor with online appointment?

After confirming the appointment for CGHS doctor and fails to attend 3 times continuously means, he/she will be blocked for one month.

What happens if attend the slot after time?

If confirmed CGHS online appointment and not attended at the indicative time slot, he/she will call as very next patient if reaches before 1/2 hour, but reaches after 1/2 hours means the registration cancelled and may apply for fresh appointment as per the new CGHS timings shown in the calender chart.

8 thoughts on “CGHS Online Appointment on New Timings to Consult Doctor”

  1. In kamla Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad CGHS Dispensary there is only 5 doctor’s and one CMO…..Dr. bhawan and Dr. Shashi’s ki speed achi hai vo jaldi jaldi marijo ko dekhti hai but baki sare Dr. Itna slow slow marijo ko dekhte hai ki morning mai 8 clock appointment liya hai 47 no. Hai or Dr. Ne abhi tak yani 11.55 tak bas 18 marijo ko hi dekha hai ish tarha se toh pure din Mai bhi no. Nhi aayga ….bohat sare marij bohat dur dur se aate hai or loat loat ke jate unka no. Hi nhi aata….bohat jyada pareshan hai sab….plz Dr. Badhye or in old age doctor ko hta ke young Dr. Ko laye jinhe computers ki achi knowledge ho….or marij suffer na kare….jo bimar hai vhi CGHS aate hai aagr pura din kaise baith sakte ……please agar Dr. Computer par work nhi kar sakte ya itna dhire work karenge ki 1 hour mai 1 marij dekhenge toh ish se acha hai hath se kam kare Dr (mannual)…. please please please please please respond bohat preshan hai sabhi log ye ek meri problem nhi hai sabhi ki problem hai aap Kamal Nehru Nagar ki CGHS mai aa ke dekh sakte hai… us….

  2. I M trying, futilely, for appointment with Dr Mam Raj Yadav CGHS Wellness Centre, Jyoti Nagar (JA-05), Jaipur for 16.04.2022.

  3. It is shame for ministry of health Govt of India, at 12.20 AM there is no available of online appointment at chandigarh wellness center. No one bothers to rectifiey our grievances. There is serious problem that the doctors are not available for last four to five months at chandigarh wellness center. It is come to know there is fight in between staff. Please sort out this problem immediately.

  4. நாளை காலை 10.00மணியளவில் சுகர் டாக்டர் அப்பாய்மென்டு தேவை.

  5. I tried many times for booking online appointment today for 04.09.2021 to consult Dr Suman.But failed to proceed further after availability of date and clicking on the date. Please help me to book date in r/o Ben ID No 7193947 & 7193949 on 04. 09 2022.

  6. I am unable to book an online appointment for doctor consultation at cghs wellness center, the relevant site could not log in with the correct address/and projecting irrelevant

    Rest of the parameters are quite ok
    Kindly suggest pain relieve medication to mitigate my strenum bone pain


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