Pay CGHS Subscription Online using Digital Payment

How to pay CGHS subscription online, Can i pay digitally using debit or credit card, net banking or any UPI payment, Will only monthly payment accepted through online, Whether we are eligible for offline payments or not If opted for online process…

The Central Government Health Scheme is a scheme devised for the employees of Central government in order to pursue and incorporate better health management facility out there, and the employees health is an important aspect which is considered the least while they work or after the age of retirement but the CGHS scheme makes those myths go around by giving these employees a chance to enrol and get the best healthcare and medical facilities from the government support.

Previously, the government used to support the offline payment of Central Government Health scheme monthly payments which was a hard task for everyone, But during the year 2007, with the new Act and amendment of prioritizing Digital payments, even the CGHS subscriptions has been made accessible via the online platforms.

All the Central government employees who are currently enrolled in the scheme have to pay a monthly subscription to the CGHS scheme which can now be done via online payment gateways via the CGHS official website, and during the process they are allowed to use any of the payment options such as Debit card, Credit card and even the Internet Banking facility is allowed.

One of the key concerns everyone has while making the CGHS subscription payment is the amount they have to pay, So, the monthly subscription amount to be paid via the online gateway will be shown on the screen when you login via your CGHS account details directly.

At the same time, during the payment you will be asked to enter the Amount INR in number, so make sure you enter the valid subscription amount to pay for CGHS for your current month and then pay via one of the online payment options which we mentioned above.

Why to Pay CGHS Subscription Online?

India is moving towards Digital trends and Digital payment is the new way of initiating payments anywhere across the world and Indian government has adopted these methods for CGHS subscription payment.

  • It is lot easier to pay for CGHS subscription from online via your account
  • Easy to track amount payment and reference number will be present in account and Bank as well
  • We can use digital payment options such as Debit card, Credit card and Net Banking