Update CGHS KYC Details with Aadhaar, Mobile & Email ID

Here is the steps to update CGHS KYC details with Aadhaar, Mobile, & Email ID details in CGHS database towards the member ID (employee and pensioner), check the status of the CGHS card in online, whether it is completed the KYC or not, If not update immediately with simple procedure mentioned…

KYC Means Know your Customer which has become a very important and crucial form of user verification for any business from Private to Government in order to ensure proper user satisfaction, and the same way, the Central Government Health Scheme has also made sure that the employee / pensioner who are enrolled in to the scheme can update their important KYC details.

The KYC details that you can update at the CGHS official website is Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Aadhaar and others, but before you seek out to update the account, you have to make sure if your account is registered under the CGHS database, and If it is, then you can update your details at the CGHS official portal from the Beneficiary login.

Or else, if your account is not yet registered, but you only have the Beneficiary ID then you will have to select the CMO in charge web portal to first register your mobile number with the ID and then start updating the details.

What is the use of Updating CGHS KYC like Mobile, Email, Aadhaar?

Account verification is a process in any community or website where the account will be considered valid only when the registered user is able to provide all the necessary documents asked.

Sometimes someone else might take benefit of your account if KYC documents like Mobile, email and Aadhaar are not asked, where It means, once you updated your mobile number then you will always receive OTP from CGHS when booking for a doctor’s appointment to making a payment through the platform for a monthly subscription as well.

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