CGHS Card Renewal for Employees and Pensioners

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Here on this article, you may find How to renew CGHS card online on expiry? Is the renewal process same for serving employees and pensioners? Can we get the same color card on renewal? Where we can find the application form for renewal of CGHS plastic card? Which documents required to submit for renewal? Can we submit the request through all India customer care or not.

CGHS Card Renewal

CGHS Card Renewal

Central Government Health Scheme plastic card issued with a validity of 5 years. Every employee who claimed CGHS card for himself and family members need to renew their respective card once renewal period has come. If failed to do so will lead CGHS card to go invalid and won’t helpful for any health benefits.

Application form for renew of CGHS card may accept by Additional Director of CGHS from city of employee belonging, where to avail government benefits by wellness centers. Employees need to track their benefits along with validity period of card.

Through this card employee and their family members can get their most health check in top most hospitals. Any sort of health issues and daily prescription along with medicines may claimed under benefits of CGHS Card.

Application form for CGHS Plastic card need to submit with a current photograph, Copy of Pay slip, Address Proof, Employee ID card, and same details of family members may submitted, if their valid may expire too.

Office of Administrative of Additional Director will issue new CGHS Plastic card with 5 years validity and same beneficiary name. The Government of India has provided a benefit to employee to apply for their new card with 3 months prior to their expiry.

This procedure of renewal should followed by serving employee and for employee who has done their service need to change proofs, where the Pensioner CGHS Card holder need to submit LPC or PPO proof along with newel application form, So make sure you get Blue Color card if you’re a serving employee, Green color Card for Pensioners & Freedom Fighters, Red Color Card for Member of Parliament and Yellow Color card for Autonomous Bodies & Journalist.

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  1. My CGHS Card No. with beneficiary issued in the name of L. Jayavel valid upto 30th April 2021. Due to Covid 19 and self health problem unable renew my card in time. Kindly guide me how to renew my card.

  2. I am a pensioner and I have CGHS card for one year and it expired on October 2022, how can I extend it. please give me procedure for extension.

  3. Sir, I want to know the card renewal system online. Due to COVID unable to approach CGHS office for renewal. An early reply is expected. Thanks.

    • I am pensioner and I have CGHS card for one year and it is expire on July 2021, how I can extend it give me procedure for extension

  4. Pl. let me know whether, after my retirement as central govt gazetted officer on 31.12.20, I can renew my CGHS cards(paying lifetime renewal card fees) in the names of self and family comprising two unmarried adult daughters, spouse, and an unmarried sister(presently a CGHS beneficiary) – all who’s dependant on me. Awaiting a prompt reply.

  5. Pl, enlighten me the procedure for the online renewal of my Card No. 4125444, which expired on 31-7-2020, Unable to attend for renewal due to sickness

    • Sir,

      I am Bimla Devi. My CGHS card was valid till 2014. After that I didn’t get it renewed. But now my parents are no more. And now I have applied for family pension, which has been approved. So my question is that how can I renew my CGHS card and also is there any fee for it. I have my parents original CGHS cards and mine CGHS photocopy only.
      KIndly Respond,


      (Bimla Devi)

  6. Sir.
    Not comment, Only some Request.

    I searched all CGHS website, in my level best, /To know the process of renewal of CGHS card of pensioners in online / but could not Traced..the process
    So, Only heartful request
    How to renew my (pensioner) CGHS plastic card, online,

    1. Mean exact application model, and which address I have to send in Online.

    2. reg mode of payment of 80 thousand/ online payment, to Get lifetime card.

    I also noticed that the Government gave an extension of renewal of CGHS card up to July 31st due to Corona effect.

    • Hi
      Did you get any further updates to proceed further, I am also in the same situation to renew my dad’s card online he retired last month, Don’t know where to pay and get the card renewed unfortunately my dad is unwell to go through all process

      • Dye to sickness pensioner unable to attend Wellness Centre for renewal of Card with ID no.4125444 expired on 31-7-2020, Kindly apprise procedure renewal online.


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