CGHS Online Services for Employees & Pensioners

Find the new online services available for CGHS card holders, Check each online facility offered by Central Government Health Scheme to book online appointment, card status, transfer of card from one city to another city, how to supply medicines for indent booked in online and more…

The Central Government Health Scheme is one of the most prominent schemes available in India that aims towards the development of Indian employees at different levels, where the Medical care and attention are something working class has always neglected due to non-awareness and poor care facilities.

CGHS Online

But the Central government is now focusing on CGHS online services which aim to provide the finest health care and medical benefits to employees. Even the Central government pensioners can take part in the scheme for the betterment and wellness of their health with the following online services.

CGHS Online Services

  1. Book an Online Appointment
  2. Transfer of Card from one city to another for employees / pensioners
  3. Supply of Medicines : You can get free medicines from CGHS entitled hospital and pharmacies using the CGHS card in the second day after submission of Indent Online.
  4. Hospitalization in Emergencies : The CGHS provides you different hospitals you can use during emergencies, rates and procedures to get cashless treatments.
  5. Medical Care Reimbursements : Money spent on medical care or treatments will be reimbursed by CGHS via submissions of correct bills.
  6. CGHS Entitlement : Every Central government employee or Pensioner has to pay an amount from their basic salary or pay, to be a part of the CGHS scheme and you can find these details in the account.
  7. National CGHS 24*7 Toll Free Helpline : You can call 18002088900, a bilingual support number (Both Hindi and English) to seek your doubts and questions.
  8. CGHS Card : The CGHS plastic card is something new and you can find the procedure to get the plastic card along with instructions of addition or deletion of names in the card.
  9. Plastic Card : Addition of name, deletion of name, transfer of card or surrender of card.
  10. Outpatient Department Treatment (OPD) : Find more information about availing OPD treatment via the CHGS online website.
CGHS Card Add / DeleteCGHS Complaint OnlineCGHS Doctor Appointment View / Cancel Online
Print CGHS CardCGHS Online Appointment BookingHow to Transfer CGHS Card
Surrender CGHS CardPay CGHS Subscription OnlineCGHS KYC Details

At a glance the Central Government Health scheme might sound so simple, but it is a sophisticated structure of Medical framework and elements constituted together to bring a lot of benefits and services at hands of the employees with the above CGHS online services too.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am trying to book online appointment for my parents in Gurgaon but the page don’t download,
    Please can u help advise as i live abroad do i need any alternate link to do the same?
    Thanks in advance
    Kind Regards

  2. Since the last around 15 days I am trying to book an online appointment for CGHS doctor but the site is not opening. Please help me since I am 85 plus and cannot wait at the dispensary for hrs.

  3. Sir, I superannuated from ICAR, NBSS& LUP, Regional centre NewDelhi on 31st March 2009. CGHS cards issued to me and my wife bear the numbers 4261263;4261264(Autonomous-P). Due to unavoidable circumstances, I could not renew it for the last 2-3 years. I have shifted my residence from Delhi, Vikaspuri to Sector,54 Gurgaon Haryana. Kindly guide me on how can renew these CGHS cards & how much amount I have to pay every year. My basic pension at present is 78800/month.

    Dr. CBS Sachdev, Retired Principal Scientist, ICAR. NBSS & LUP, New Delhi.


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