Surrender CGHS Card on Transfer / Retirement / Death

How to Surrender CGHS Card for different cases like employee transfer, on Retirement (Superannuation) or on death, and the procedure to surrender online if available, What is the application for surrender CGHS card and can we get a surrender certificate on submission of the card…

CGHS is a health scheme for employees of Government, which provides medial features through wellness centres, One eligible under this scheme will be allocated a CGHS card that will be valid in said boundaries of department, and It is a must that and CGHS Card issued should be of same place and locality of the residence of a pensioner.

In case if pensioner is transferring to another city beyond the limit of the current card bounders, and they are said to surrender their Health Card and also get the validity edited in card to get benefits, Failing to record the transferred address will lead ineligibility in benefits.

Employee should get the valid details of current card validity and surrender it to the department, and the same department issues Surrender certificate which needs to be submitted in a new locality, to issue new CGHS Card with benefits details. If an employee has met the retirement period or superannuation, in both the cases CGHS Card should be surrendered. As the card becomes invalid after their maturity period, they are required to surrender the card to the department.

Same department will in return surrender certificate to obtain pensioner CGHS benefits as per contribution made. Failure in surrender of CGHS Card in any of the case, will lead extra penalty and also benefits from older origination will not be reflected in a new area and Employee should also surrender their respective card in case of traveling abroad, as the process and acceptance rules gets changed for non-resident of India.

Requirements to Surrender CGHS Card

This are some must be valid proofs submitted to surrender the CGHS card due to any sort of reason of employee.

  • CGHS Plastic Card Issued by Department
  • NOC from Department for Transfer/Retirement
  • Application letter with cause of surrender

Once these proofs are submitted with government ID proof of employee, the department will accept the Card and will generate Surrender certificate.

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