Pay TS e Challan with PayTM Payment Portal or Mobile App

Pay your TS e Challan on PayTM in 3 steps, Avoid additional penalty for Late payment when e Challan raised…

The Telangana State Government has its own exclusive TS e Challan portal. This tracks the traffic violators and sends them challan at a quick instant.

The process of TS e Challan is quick, as the violators scan through official details records in portal. Individuals may receive the challan over text (SMS) message. If not received, just change TS e Challan linked mobile number online.

They also get a quick link to make the payment to avoid any unnecessary arguments with traffic police on road. To bring a quick process of TS e Challan payments, PayTM also introduced a direct service to make challan payment.

The individual doesn’t need to worry about any details. As they can just enter the vehicle number and get a list of challans issue on them from PayTM details.

How to Pay TS e Challan with PayTM

PayTM provides a seamless payment experience to its customers. Here is the detail process which you can follow to make TS e Challan payment through this PayTM payment application.

  1. Open PAYTM application
  2. Login with your credentials
  3. Select Telangana Traffic Police and enter the vehicle number
  4. Click on Proceed to fetch challan details on screen
  5. Verify your challan number and vehicle details to confirm payment
  6. Click on Pay button and proceed to make payment through PayTM

That’s it, Once you choose any means of payment service, then Telangana e Challan payment with PayTM accepts and your challan due may clear on portal. or PayTM mobile app is one of the available option for vehicle owners to complete the payment on finger tips to avoid delay and penalty.

What is the 12-point system in TS e Challan?

The Telangana traffic police have introduced a 12-point system to referee the frequent defaulters in the portal. Anyone who seen to achieve 12 points in TS e Challan portal, the respective license of individual may suspend for said term. The points system brought to bring awareness to every citizen. It is all to make them cautious not to make mistakes again. As they gain points for every mistake which might lead to serious consequences.

What happens if I don’t pay TS e Challan Payment?

The Payment of TS e Challan is said to pay within 15 days of challan issue date. Traffic Police will do regular checks on road for defaulters. If individuals have been caught with numerous challans pending on their vehicle number, the defaulter may stop. This results to raise penalty as per the rules.

What to do if I got TS e Challan wrong?

In case the vehicle number or the TS e Challan issued on your vehicle is wrong. Then the defaulter has to visit the nearest traffic police station with the valid proof to correct the details. Upon verification of the TS e Challan details, traffic police will take necessary action to revert the challan or not.