TS e Challan Mobile Number Update Online for Instant Alerts

TS e Challan mobile number updation process becomes live in online. Simply check the process and update existing mobile number for Telangana e Challan website to get instant SMS alerts…

The Traffic Police of Telangana state brings various methods to tackle the ignorance of traffic rules by the citizens. The bringing of TS e Challan website in Telangana state brought the violations of traffic rules to very less number.

The innovative method to track the violator and send them a challan in quick time. It is all through the entire online process has brought awareness to every rider.

The Regional Transport Authority does play an important role in e Challan distribution. As the challan distributed to every citizen through the contact details update in the RTA database.

TS e challan mobile number

Every individual who seen violating rules will get an instant challan message. This is with a quick link to pay the dues to make themselves free from the violator list.

How to Update Mobile Number for TS e Challan

As it is already clear that the Regional Transport Authority has an important role to update the information of vehicle owner. Thus through RTO you can update your new mobile number to get quick updates from TS e Challan if any.

  1. Go to the official website of Automated Online Services of Telangana State using echallan.tspolice.gov.in
  2. Tap on Click here to update mobile number
  3. Select Vehicle number or License form Module from Mobile Number updating page
  4. Enter the details as per selection and click on Get Details
  5. Verify your details and update the mobile number with options provided
  6. That’s it, Once you update your mobile number with the process provided on screen, your number may link with vehicle number. This is all to provide you with quick updates from e Challan of Traffic police if raised.

How much time does it take to update Mobile Number in e challan TS?

The process of updating mobile number to RTA to receive any updates from TS e challan will hardly take 10 mins. Once the number updated in the tool, the vehicle owner will start getting messages if they violate any traffic rules.

Can I clear my e Challan TS dues online?

The India who has received the e Challan over text message will get an direct pay link as well. The individual can use the payment link and clear their e challan dues if any or has to visit the official TS e Challan portal to search for dues. The online process will take you to the same page and here you can choose payment method to clear dues.

Why is my e challan payment status isn’t showing online even after payment?

Due to bank or technical issues the payment might not processed. Individuals have to check the amount which actually deducts from their account or it is still in process of translation. Only upon successful transaction, the entry forms on your Telangana e challan page may clear and received SMS alert in mobile number, else shown as due.

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