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ICE GATE, is Indian customs and Central Excise Electronic Commerce Data Interchange Gateway, It is an official portal that offers options for e-filing for trade and cargo carriers.

This gives you an open hand to a-file into various customs and central excise departments. This an infrastructure project which fulfills the department’s electronic commerce data interchange and data communication.

Through this department does provide various services for filing IceGate bill of entry, and its other related services. The other features are IceGate ePayment, status of custom EDI, IPR online registration, IE code status verification, DEPB, EPCG, DES license.

It also becomes easier to search your data using your PAN and more various links from other useful websites which relate to customs business. Here 99employee will provide the complete details about Indian Customs department online services for information, so please check and move.

Portal Name ICEGATE (Indian customs and Central Excise Electronic Commerce Data Interchange Gateway) an initiative for digital india
Service Type Promoting Paperless Trade, Promoting Transperency, Ease of Doing business with Trade Facilitation measures
Web portal link in
Available Online Services Custom Duty Calculator, GSTIN Link, IGST Validation Enquiry, ICEGATE ePayment through NEFT/RTGS, PGA Registration and more
Toll Free Customer Care 1800 3010 1000
Helpdesk eccs.tradehelpdesk@ (for Importers/Exporters of Courier consignments)
ICEGATE Online Services

How to link GST with ICEGATE

How to Check ICEGATE IGST Refund Status

IceGate tracking for Shipping bill, Customs Transit, and more

IceGate Benefits

  • Provides to help the customer department in becoming accountable and got a major service to reduce the complaints on delay in delivery.
  • Exporters and importers do get better consignments updates
  • Portal provide a facility for e-filing of import or export declarations
  • Allows customs to respond to exporters form their bills
  • Customer can connect with importers after accessing their shipping bills
  • The declaration signed through digital signature make it guaranteed
  • As per the Certification Authority Under the IT Act 2000 does make the digital signature valid and provide a sort of guarantee to the importer or exporters


This is an official website for trade e-filing and it can use validly by various traders which ease their work. Here are some points which bring you more information on the process of ICEGATE.

  • There are 134 location which runs through ICES
  • There are around 7 lakhs exporters and importers who serve through portal
  • Around 15 types of partners linked with Customs EDI for their exchange
  • ICEGATE makes the Messages & facilitating faster for customs
  • Get consecutively expediting import export table for view

ICEGATE Registration

If you’re an importer or exporter then, here is the process to get yourself registered with ICEGATE, which will help you better in filing bills and e-payment for your goods through customs.

  1. Open

    Visit the official website of ICEGATE from your browser at

  2. Login or Sign Up

    Under Services click on Login/ Sign Up link to open one page

  3. Registration

    Here tap on Sign up for registration to move to registration page

  4. Check availability

    Enter your ICEGATE ID along with email ID to check availability

  5. Role and user

    Now select role and type of user from the drop down provided

  6. Enter PAN and verify

    Enter your CB PAN Number and click on verify button to proceed

  7. Mobile number, ID proof

    Enter your name, mobile number select ID proof from drop down

  8. Upload digital certificate

    Upload your digital certificate once all digitals are filled in page

  9. Submit

    Once verified click OK button and confirm the same

  10. Get OTP

    Here wait for OTP to receive on your email and enter it in page

  11. Submit

    Click on submit button and wait for your details to be verified. Once your account has been created after verifying the details, you will receive an email to your email with a registration confirmation message.

What Option do user get with ICEGATE Registration

At the very first point, one must be a regular importer or export of Goods to be a part of portal. Below are some detailed points which will let you, why you should register with ICEGATE and how this portal can help you in detail.

  • Pay your regular Exports fees and get an update on your goods
  • Pay your import custom duty in advance for easy cleaning
  • Import General Manifest for Goods
  • Export General Manifest for Goods and
  • Console Manifest


If you have created your account with any of the following user types selected. Use your ICEGATE ID and password to access the page for your e-filing.

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Here click on Service and then tap on sign in button to proceed
  3. Enter your username and the password in given columns
  4. Next enter captcha code and click on submit button to verify
  5. Once verify, you may given access to portal
  6. User your customs ID to find your pending bills for your cargo
  7. Make payment and clear your dues without lagging product in the shipment or get it stuck in customs for delay in payments. As well, track the payments in regular order by getting regular updates on your shipment.

Services under ICEGATE

Here is a list of services which provides under IceGate login, this is a one stop for exporters or investors, who struggle to pay the custom duty offline or get delay due to lack of knowledge or reaching the office on time.

  • User access for investor or exporter as per their user type
  • Get public enquiry round the clock with update on customs
  • Use the RoD TIP service for service of transfer and scrip utilization
  • Make your ePayment for custom duty on your product
  • ePayment for central excise and service tax through NEFT and RTGS
  • Submit your clearance documents through eSANCHIT for clearance
  • Sea Manifest Regulation supersedes earlier regulations of Goods
  • Get simple registration for importer or exporter for better reports
  • Can do digital signature for your goods clearance at customs
  • Get the Custom duty calculator on goods which export or import
  • One stop to report your grievance through compliance portal link
  • Get regular updates on rate exchange of currency at both countryside
  • Products register with trademark, copyright using link provided
  • GST validation enquiry give trader information on their refund process
  1. Why is ICEGATE Website Launched?

    ICEGATE has been launched to help the trader who eventually imports or exports goods regularly. This website makes their e-filing easier and gets regular updates on the movement of goods through Customs along with clearing the documents through digital signature.

  2. What is basic custom duty on goods?

    Each goods which is moved from one country to another must have cleared the export and import duties from their respective countries. The duty charge will be between 5 % to 40 % or even more based on the product type on their brand.

  3. What is IRN in ICEGATE?

    The document reference number is a unique reference to a batch of uploaded documents which are IRN. There can be five IRN for on DRN where it stands for image reference number. These IRN numbers should be entered into a bill but not the DRN in the bill.

  4. How can I check custom Duty?

    Visit the ICEGATE portal and use your import or export or credentials login supplied by the ICEGATE. Here click on e-payments and check all your unpaid challans to clear them to make your shipment fee from custom clearance.

  5. Can I make pre-payment for my goods in ICEGATE?

    If you're making way for your goods to export, then you can make the custom duty paid from using your export credentials in ICEGATE. If challan are paid in advance, it would be easier for officials to clear your goods and make a free way during movement.

  6. Who can file a bill of entry in ICEGATE?

    Bill of entry is a legal document which is to be field mandatory by an import or by an customs house agent. Agents appointed by importers can file a bill of entry, which is meant to import any goods in India which does get Import export code. These IEC will be given by the directory of generators or foreign trade after successfully filing a Bill of entry.

  7. What is the difference between Bill of Entry and Shipping Bill?

    Bill of Lading is prepared by an inner party which is a shopping party for the purpose of shipment of goods and the Bill of entry of documents prepared by the custom department showing the items are to be boiled or imported. This is an option for duty assessments of Goods to be imported inside the country.

  8. Can I ask to reduce custom duty on imported goods?

    No, the custom duty is charged on goods through the decided percentage on the product. The custom duty once marked by examining the goods will be the final amount and it must be paid to clear the goods for movement from custom.

  9. What if I don’t pay my ICEGATE Custom Duty?

    As per the regulation, any goods to be exported or imported must have to be paid the deduced custom duty. In failure of paying the duty charges, your goods will be stopped and will not be moved further. These will let your goods go into custom go down and will be sent for legal report if the very next preceding deadline also has been crossed.

  10. What happens to goods if custom duty is not paid?

    As per the rules, the goods will be kept under the control of the customs officer. These will be stored as per the guidelines and will be moved for auction if still the custom duty has not been paid. Once the goods are in auction, the importer or exporter will lose their authority on Goods further.