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Find What is IceGate bill of Entry | Check Customs IceGate bill of entry status or tracking for import and exports…

ICEGate which has become well known to all import and export business owners in and across India is Indian customs electronic gateway.

This online platform has designed in order to provide users who want to make customs payments online. It is by using the customs documents and papers directly.

In this way using this online e-payment platform to make customs payments reduces the time in the queue as well. According to previous data, there are 43,542+ users on IceGate right now, and does more than 12 lakhs exports and imports every year.

If you are someone who wants to import or export goods to India, then you can use online electronic bill of entry. This enables you to make bill payments for import goods declaration.

At the same time, you can even make shipping bills for export goods declaration out of Indian. While in the case of both imports and exports there is a fridge trade of GST applies in the form of customs duty that can pay from IceGate ePayment directly.

In this article, we will help you learn more about the bill of entry on how it can fill, and how you can track it as well.

What is ICEGate Bill of Entry

If you are importing goods then once you make your payment for the import of the goods on the platform, you will have to provide them with IceGate bill of entry or clearinghouse agent (CHA) document which provides vital information to the customs department that helps to clear the goods and prove them customs clearance as well.

There is no process to fill the bill online right away. So you need to download IceGate bill and then apply while making the payment for the invoice. Else you can also submit this document even after the payment made in the same invoice documents list.

This document simply contains some more information such as.

  1. BOE number of the import along with the date
  2. Full name along with the address of the said importer
  3. The port code or the code of the type of transportation
  4. Mode of payment mentioned as well.
  5. The goods invoice also attached which contains the value of the goods.
  6. IGST applied, customs duty, and any additional duty applied as well.
  7. It has mentions IEC code, IGST, and PAN numbers also.

How to Track IceGate Bill of Entry

If you filled your IceGate bill of entry, then you might receive a number associates with the bill which you can use in order to track it by following the below steps.

  1. Open the ICEGate bill of entry tracking page from
  2. Enter the required information such as select location.
  3. Provide the bill of entry number and the date of the bill
  4. Enter the captcha code shown from the image.
  5. Click on the submit button which opens your bill tracking and its status.
IceGate Bill of Entry

Is it important to use the bill of entry for customs?

Yes, each and every goods imported to India associated with the IceGate bill of entry. If your bill does not have clearance from the customs department then your products may seized as well.

Can I check tracking without a bill of entry number?

No, If you don’t have the bill of entry number, then you will not able to check your tracking status. This is an important field require to complete the tracking process.

Will IceGate shipping bill can use for bill of entry?

In order for you to get a tracking status of the shipping bill, you can visit the IceGate inquiry platform. Tracking and under this select shipping bill to track at IECS.

Can we do ICEGate epayment for shiiping bills?

You can make an ePayment for all customs goods import and export on IceGate homepage > then click on ePayment. You need to log in with your username and password. Next, you have to provide the required documents and then pay the amount mentioned.

Is it mandatory for IceGate Registration Online to make bill of entry?

Yes, It is mandatory to complete bill of entry. so in order to complete IceGate online registration, you need to visit this page Enter IceGate ID, email ID, and check if the ICEGate ID is available. If yes, then you can continue to set your account password and fill the required information for your account confirmation.

Can we avail IceGate Tracking for entry bills?

IceGate has enabled all users able to easily track their types of bills through IceGate Enquiry > Tracking. Under this page, you can find different tracking options that you can use.

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