How to Transfer CGHS Card for Employee & Pensioners

Providing the new process for transfer of CGHS card from one city to another city for pensioners and serving employees, what are the documents required to submit for transfer, Can we check the transfer status in online, Is there any separate application to submit for transfer of CGHS card…

CGHS card from central government to benefits its employee under health schemes, and this plastic card provides Central Government Health Scheme which is valid under the reason of CGHS boundaries. An employee if has been moved to a new location from his current working, need to make sure the CGHS Area limit.

CGHS Card Transfer

If the new location isn’t falling in the boundaries of current CGHS department, then the Card must be transferred to their department. This is mandatory to transfer the card to a new location to avail the benefits. Failing to do will lead to cancellation of CGHS Card and no benefits can be taken by an employee or their family members.

Transfer CGHS Card for Employee and Pensioner

Transfer of CGHS Card is a mandatory task for a Government employee, to make sure their names falls under health wellness centre, and these wellness centres provide a wide range of health benefits to employees and their family members. The card issued to any employee is valid only under the region of their particular department.

The process to transfer the card is quite easy and simple with following documents if arranged

  • Employees need to have the transfer Certificate from AD,
  • Application form of Transfer of Card with details filled along with family members names.
  • Surrender current CGHS Plastic card with Application form
  • Transfer certificate to current department.
  • In return the employee will be issued a Surrender certificate which can be submitted in new location, so get new Card with all old benefits and same details.
    • ID proofs submitted of new location must be valid, thus any benefits claims will be directly directed to communication address.
    • Application Form for Transfer of CGHS Card can be downloaded from Central Government Health Official website.
    • Transfer certificate of Employee will be issued by the Head of department.

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  1. I am shifting from Mumbai to Pune” Bramha corp” New Kalyaninagar, How to transfer the card and which dispensary will be close to me.

  2. Sir
    I am retired government employee and presently I have CGHS card dispensary r k puram New Delhi 110022
    I am shifting from New Delhi to my native place Maharashtra
    Nearest dispensary is at Nagpur
    What is the procedure please

  3. Sir, I am a pensioner of the central government I wish to transfer my CGHS Card from Faridabad dispensary to Agra dispensary as my native place. What is the procedure.

  4. I have to need to know the procedure of transfer pensioner CGHS card from Delhi to Greater Noida. please tell me if anybody know about this also tell details of the documents needed for this purpose, please. HSTomar

    • I am a retired central government pensioner, My present CGHS card is from Allahabad, Now I am shifted to Katni in M.P., which is very near to Jabalpur where CGHS facilities are available, Pls let me know how I can transfer my card from CGHS Allahabad U.P. to CGHS Jabalpur M.P.


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