Care Heart Health Insurance Claim Form Pdf Online

Care Heart does come with life Heart care options which cover all expenses during insured hospitalization on submission of claim form, and this plan does also cover daycare treatments, health checkup which doesn’t require hospitalization.

Irrespective of claim history the benefits as a pre-policy medical check-up, cash & easy claim settlement along with automatic recharge of sum insured.

There is total coverage of 2 lakhs to 10 lakhs which is provided by Religare based on the policyholder premium selected, and the minimum age required to enter this plan is 90 days which doesn’t have any upper limit for age. As well, policyholders can undergo numerous check-ups that can be covered under the Care Heart Health Insurance Product.

Care Heart Health Insurance Product Claim Form

The Claim form for the Care Heart Health Insurance has ‘Care Heart’ at top which must be used by the policyholder.

Care Heart Claim Form Part A

Fill in your Claim Intimation Number along with the Policy number along with other details of the communication address, and the phone number and email address must be correct, as insurance companies will have this primary contact. Details of the insurance history with the past insured company and Full details of the insurance policy.

The Details of hospitalization of an insured person with relation to primary contact and type of treatment undergone, and bill paid to hospital under treatment with their serial number as per the prehospitalization and hospitalization song with entire check-up Bills to be mentioned here to calculate the entire Treatment bill.

Split Bill numbers along with the date to be mentioned as proof of claim amount.

The Bank details of the insured person to be mentioned, as to send the claim amount once approved. Declaration of the Insured Person at the end is mandatory which is thereby taken as proof of details written above.

Download Care Heart Claim Form

Care Heart Claim Form Part B

Part B of Care Heart Claim form to be fully entered by the Hospital with their communication address of hospital along with the patience treatment underwent. The patience diagnosis underwent in hospital at different stages along with details of hospitalization due to injury or illness to be filled by hospital.

The Hospital declares the details with their signature and stamp, which can be taken as verification proof that the patient has undergone mentioned treatment in their hospital.

Details of the hospital along with PAN number and other registration numbers to be mentioned if the hospital does fall out of the network hospital, such that it will be easier for insurance providers to login your details.

  1. Can other Treatments be insured under the Care Hearth product?

    The Care Heart Health insurance is all about the Heart-related diagnosis and therefore the insured person can have a free heart in their life cycle, and the entire year-long treatment and check-up can be reimbursed under the Care Heart Scheme through caches or claim facilities.

  2. How much Money can be insured under Care Heart Health Insurance?

    Care Heart Health Insurance does come with a minimum insurance policy of 2 lakhs and going to a maximum of 10 lakhs with a differential balance, and any individual can opt for any packages based on their seriousness to Heart treatment and premium to be paid, and the amount under this policy will be easier to claim, as this comes under a critical illness product.

  3. Do we need to increase the premium to increase the claim amount?

    Yes, under the Care Health Scheme the insured person can avail the option to increase the claim amount, and in the same way, the premium to be paid will increase automatically which will ensure that you get this large amount reimbursed in case of emergency.