Apply Kerala E Pass for COVID -19 Lockdown Movement

Kerala State Government has bought an official website link for individual and vehicle movement to issue e Pass in case of emergency in this crucial Corona Lockdown period, and the e-curfew pass provided by the government of Kerala will be accepted by Police officials and will make your movement free without stopping.

It is requested everyone to follow the rules guided by Central Government and State Government, by avoiding any travel plans, and as people do have their emergency and it might happen to travel during this emergency period as well.

So, this link for e-curfew pass for people of Kerala state is accessible online. Details submitted by individuals will be checked by respective authorities. Once the authority has approved your pass, they can download the print of the e-curfew pass and keep it while traveling.

The details for Individual and vehicle movement will be accepted through Emergency Pass and Affidavit respectively, and thus anyone who is willing to travel in any mode needs to get an approved pass using the below submission process.

How to apply Corona e-Curfew Pass in Kerala

For Individual

  • Go to official Kerala Corona website
  • Once the page is loaded, select Emergency Pass from menu
  • Enter Name, Office Name, Purpose, Address in columns shown
  • Provide your Mobile number and select Area you belong to from drop down
  • Upload your Signature, Government ID card and Photo
  • Tick on “I’m not a robot” and click on Submit button to confirm
  • A confirmation message will be sent by authority to the mobile number provided with a link to download Kerala corona e-pass.

For Vehicle Movement

  • Search the URL website official link in your browser
  • Click on Affidavit and then Enter your Name, Age, Address followed by Vehicle Number
  • Select your Vehicle type and if any co-passenger name as well
  • Enter the movement place and time of travel with the purpose of travel
  • Submit the Indian Mobile number and then upload your Signature
  • Select your current Place and Area then tick dialogue box to complete form filling
  • Click on the Submit button and wait for confirmation Message to your mobile number by authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I travel without a Kerala Corona E-Curfew Pass?

    No, any individual is not allowed to cross the fixed limit from their house, and anyone seen dis-obeying the guidance provided by the Government, will have to face legal action against them.

  2. My Kerala e-Curfew Pass is not Approved, Why?

    The details provided by any individual through e-curfew application form, are checked by Corona special health care officials. Application will not be approved, if purpose is not seen such mandatory and area of travel does fall in Corona Affected surrounding.

  3. How long the Lock Down will continue?

    As per current guidance of Government of India, the current lock down has been moved till 3rd May 2020, and this will be an effective date and if the cases are considered to decrease, an official announcement on 3rd May 2020 will be made to hold Lockdown or extend the same.