GPF Gujarat Balance and GPF Status for Missing Credits / Debits

Let’s do find the simple steps involved to get the Gujarat employee GPF balance, GPF status for Missing credits, and debit items in online at using GPF number and date of birth…

There might not be any major difference between the Provident fund and the General Provident Fund where the employees are charged a chunk of their salaries that are saved for their retirement benefits and today we will discuss.

In this article, we will show you the process to check the GPF Status Gujarat in online. Sometimes it is necessary for you to take a look at your Provident fund money saved over your term of employment to understand the savings and the growth as well.

So, reset assured because you will be able to get a look at your GPF balance and even get to know how to download the GPF slip Gujarat as well.

Sometimes people might confused between PF and GPF but they are one and the same where GPF is state-specific for Gujarat. Through the instructions mentioned below you can learn how to get to know the Gujarat GPF account balance on right away.

Check GPF Gujarat Balance Online

  1. Open the Gujarat GPF balance check link
  2. Select your GPF series option from the given dropdown
  3. Find your GPF No either from your salary payslip or account which you have to enter in the GPF No
  4. Select the Financial year from the given options and enter your date of birth
  5. Enter the Captcha from the given image and then click on the show status button in order to check the GPF Balance for your account.
  6. At the same time, you can even take the screenshot in order to share it digitally.

GPF Status Gujarat for Missing Credits / Debit Items

  1. Open Gujarat GPF status portal link at
  2. Select the Radio button Missing Credits or Debit Items
  3. Select GPF Series > GPF Number > Birth Date > Display Code
  4. Click Show Status for GPF status

So there is no separate payslip defines or even a slip for the Gujarat GPF on their official website, but if you still want to have records and statements of your balance then you can save this GPF Slip Gujarat from the page and take a printout copy as per your preference.

  1. I cannot download my Gujarat GPF slip from online?

    There is no option to get the download for the GPF slip Gujarat, but what you can do instead is try to save the GPF status Gujarat and use it to download, print and use digitally.

  2. What to do if Status for the Gujarat GPF is not loading?

    Well the simple reason for the website to not load your GPF Status Gujarat or the statement is because you have either enter a wrong captcha code or else wrong GPF Number that has been entered which needs to correct.

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