Bihar Employee GPF Statement at e GPF Portal for PF Balance

If you are a Government employee of Bihar state, just check the slip on log in to e GPF online portal to know the balance in a statement and up to date PF transactions mentioned in detailed…

General Provident Fund is a savings of an employee that is being collected monthly from their salary, such that a huge amount accumulates at the time of their retirement, and this is a major savings of an employee, which lets them face everything after their retirement age.

The interest rate does change every year and it is always growing in ratio, such that the amount being collected by employees gets multiplied with the ratio by the end of every financial quarter.

The General Provident Fund shared by an employee can be selected by them and it should be between 6% to 100% of their basic salary, and it is always recommended to check your General Provident Fund Balance every time, so that you are sure about money being collected in your account.

Bihar Employee GPF Statement
Bihar Employee GPF Statement

Check Bihar GPF Slip

Here we get you a detailed guide to check your General Provident Fund balance online , in most cases, the online services are not provided, but the Government of Bihar does bring you an option to get the details of GPF statement online.

  1. Visit
  2. Select Login Mode as User for Employee to open your page
  3. Enter user id (Here employee should user their GPF number to log in)
  4. Use the default password as ABC to access your account for first users
  5. Click on the Login button, after filling the details
  6. Select the View option to check your General Provident Fund Balance
    • The option to check your slip will be on your screen and thus you can access it to check your balance along with the annual history, and in this way, you can ensure that the money is being deposited and being collected in your account.

Bihar e GPF Login Credentials

The process to get access to the Bihar GPF statement login page is not at all complicated, where employees should have done below steps to get the access to the e-GPF portal of Bihar to know their GPF details.

  1. Make sure you have registered your working mobile number with e-GPF portal
  2. The User ID here will be your GPF account number that can be found in any document
  3. The details about your GPF account, must be updated with the respective nodal officer
  4. Password to be used for first time is abc and thus on successfully login, you can change your password

How to Change Bihar eGPF Login Password

The e GPF portal has been designed for every employee and administrative to update the records or fetch in easy way, Thus it requires a password to be used with your General Provident Fund account number, which gives you access accordingly.

  1. Visit e-GPF Bihar portal at
  2. Click on Forgot Password in the Login in right side of page
  3. Enter your GPF number > Click on Submit button to verify
  4. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number
  5. Verify your identity here to move to the next page of password change
  6. In the Password change page, enter your new password to access
    • Make sure the password is more than 8 characters long
    • That’s it, the password for your e-GPF account has been changed and it can be used to access your General Provident Fund account using the GPF login page

Where can I get my GPF account Number for Bihar?

The General Provident Fund account number of Bihar will be available on your salary Slip or you can visit your account department to get your GPF details, The slip or document that you have saved will have the GPF number that you’re looking for.

Can i Get Bihar GPF Number on SMS?

On registration of mobile number, the GPF number will also be sent to your mobile with a text SMS, and the GPF number will be eight characters long with all numeric values.

Why is a General Provident Fund Account Necessary?

In the future, it is very unknown about the health and life cycle of everyone, thus Indian government has made it mandatory to have an GPF account for every employee, such that their little savings for every month does accumulate for a huge amount in their time of need.This amount is basically made of retirement, but can also be used during the time of emergency with proper justification.

Where can i enroll for the General Provident Fund Account in Bihar?

The employee who has newly started their career in the Bihar State government, will not need to worry. As the documentation of the employee enrolment, the Bihar authority does get your signed for General Provident Fund Account, and in this way, you can ensure that you have created your GPF account and have been enrolled in this scheme of savings.

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