Assam Employee GPF Statement for Every Financial Year

Assam State Government employee may have their GPF statement and status every year after creating their GPF accounts for their use in the future after retirement, do check the simple process…

The Accountant General maintains the General Provident Fund accounts of every employee working under the state government and issues the final GPF slip during the end of every financial year.

There are a total of over 3 lakhs of employees in Assam state and their Funds accounts are managed by the IA and AS officers who are in the rank of Deputy Accountant General.

The accounts are under rules of General Provident Fund Rules 1937 and All India Services Rules 1955, and the Funds are maintained in Indian Rupees which are calculated based on the investment made by employees every month to accumulate at once.

Assam GPF Account Eligibility Rules

The government employees who are working on permanent or temporarily are free to join the General Provident Fund, and the accounts will be linked with your salary account, as the amount will be deducted from their salary directly and this can be included as an exemption of salary as well.

An employee who is eligible for the Assam GPF facility, will be by default added into the list and their minimum amount will be deducted from employee salary, and the statement of Assam GPF will be sent to every employee by the Account officer by the end of every financial year.

As the financial year gets ended on the Last day of March, later the 1st April the total amount debited and credited during the year will be sent to the employee. A total amount including the interest earned on the total amount from your GPF account.

Every employee will have a fair chance to question the annual statement sent to them by the account’s officers. They can reach the Account officer within three months of the generation of Statement and get it checked, so that missing claims will be added back to your account.

The annual interest rate for GPF is decided by the State and Central government, based on which the annual interest will be calculated on your total amount and increase your sum of amount saved in GPF account.

Assam Employee GPF Statement Online

The process to get the Assam Govt GPF (General Provident Fund) slip for an employee is fully offline, as there are no login credentials created for only GPF accounts, and the employees who are having a GPF account can follow these steps to get their account statement details.

  1. Visit the State Government of Assam Finance web portal at
  2. Type and search for Forms for General Provident Fund Assam
  3. Download the respective Form that is required for your requirement
  4. Visit the Accounts office in your department office
  5. Submit the application form to the Account officer
  6. GPF account number and employee details to be provided for must
  7. The Account Officer will process your request and will give you details about your GPF account, and the monthly slip along with a detailed history of the account will be given to the employee.
  1. Where can I get more detail about Assam GPF?

    If you’re an existing employee of Assam State, then you can visit the official website of Assam Accountants using the link as, here click on GPF in the left side option and then select the option that is required for you. The detailed information about the Assam GPF will be listed here giving you reference links.

  2. Why is the General Provident Fund Required for an Employee?

    The GPF is a savings account for an employee in sideways apart from their regular provident fund account, wherein many cases the PF is not being given to employees as per employee norms and thus a General Provident Fund will give them an opportunity to save for their retirement. This amount can be taken for any emergency needs or will accumulate with added interest in your GPF account.

  3. Can I withdraw the General Provident Fund Amount earlier?

    Yes, employees having a General Provident Fund account will have access to withdraw three fourth of their amount any time by providing a valid justification, and the amount can be withdrawn for child education, children’s marriage or medical needs only and for other reasons there must be proper justification to be provided by employee

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  1. I increased to Rs 5000 from 4000 at gpf account from April/21. But last balance sheet it shaws 4000 again. So l inform to adjust it.

  2. I got transferred from Fallangoni Bapuji HS school (golaghat) to Dhepdhepi hs school(dhubri). But my GPF statements still going to former school even after application received by the AG office before 3 years. So I request concerned authority to take needful action at an early date.

  3. I am Abdul Adut Mullah. I do not receive GPF balance sheet for the period from 01/04/2021 to 31/03/2022 if send. Online portal is not showing the GPF statement. So, please provide it as soon as possible.

  4. My online profile which may filled by mistake as EDN series. I am unable to correct it again. Is it possible to change from EDN series to PED.

  5. Let me know the details of my Missing Credits and how to deposit them. At present, I have misplaced most of the statements of GPF. Also, please inform me know whether I can stop depositing credits w.e.f March/April-2021 as I am going to retire from my service on 31-07-2021.

  6. the functioning of these websites is very poor. i have been trying to check my gpf balance online but the page is not responding.


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