TS GPF Slip Download to Check GPF Annual Account

Find the process to get download the TS GPF slip for annual account statement of Telangana State Government employee to check the credit entries in GPF account towards deductions from monthly salary and to check the current status GPF Telangana account…

GPF Telangana

GPF is a service for Telangana government employees, and this is an extra benefit that is provided to the serving employees, which is taken from basic salary at a fixed percentage every month.

This amount gets accumulated at one point which is equally shared by the employer as well, and anyone who is considered as a permanent government employee, they are eligible to get these facilities added in their employer account.

This is an amount that can be taken by an employee at time of emergency and thus the government provides such facilities as well, and the main aim of a GPF account is to have a fixed large amount for employees to have in hand after retirement.

Thus, the total amount gets automatically sent to the Government employee account with added interest applicable to the Bank Account. Here we will come across how to download GPF slips Telangana, and thus follow the steps clearly and know about GPF account details.

TS GPF Slip Download

  1. Go to the direct link for Telangana State GPF using treasury.telangana.gov.in and wait to load the Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts web portal
  2. Click on Employee Operation the third option in the middle of the page
  3. A New tab gets launched and here click on AG GPF Account Slip
  4. This will take you to a new page to submit the required information
  5. Select Department Series as per your code of Dept working
  6. Next, Enter your GPF account number followed by Mobile number
  7. Click on Go button, then you will have all your information listed
  8. Click on Show button to get an PDF pop-up details download option
  9. Download TS GPF Slip, which contain all information regarding your GPF account
  10. If requires any clarification regarding this downloaded file must be checked with department account officer.
Telangana GPF Slip Download
TS GPF Slip Download Process

GPF Slips Telangana Requirement

Anyone who has got below eligibility for the State of Telangana and can follow the process of how to get IFMIS GPF Slip online, Try to make sure you have these credentials in hand while accessing the Online portal of the State treasury.

  1. The employee must to Permanent Government
  2. GPF account number
  3. Mobile Number Linked with GPF Account

What is the maturity period of GPF amount withdrawal?

Employees who are eligible to get GPF benefits will have their maturity period as per their retirement date, and the age of retirement fixed by the government will be dated and the contribution of the employee will be stopped and the total amount with respective interest accumulated will be added to the employee beneficiary Bank account.

Can I withdraw the full amount before the maturity Period?

No, employee will have an option to withdraw an amount of two third of their amount accumulated till date, and thus, remaining balance will be kept as per the rules and employees can only withdraw this amount after the maturity period.

Lost My GPF Telangana account Number, What to do?

Employees who have lost or forgotten their GPF Telangana account details to download or access TS GPF slip need to visit their Department Office to get your account information, and Consulting Account department will help you to get your account number linked with your Employee account.

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  1. my self Dr.Y.R.Ambedkar veterinary Assistant surgeon veterinary dispensary Dummugudem Khammam district in united Andhra Pradesh during the period 2001 to 25-08-2013. from 26-08-2013 to till to date i have working as been selected as assistant professor in Sri Venkateshwara veterinary university, Tirupati through lien. In this connection my GPF subscription amount rupees 5000 per month has been deducted. there is some missing credits shown in online statement of of AIS/ General provident fund accounts for the year 2019-2020. hence i request the authority to verify the missing credits and credit into my account. Thanking you.
    yours sincerely
    Dr. Y. R. Ambedkar
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