GPF Account Slip Download for West Bengal at

Employees under the West Bengal GPF service can download the annual GPF account slip or statement in online whenever required from, Chek the live process to download AGWB GPF…

The West Bengal state government has given an option for its employees to get themselves registered online by submitting their information, and anytime to get mobile number updated to get your West Bengal GPF account updated.

This will help you to get your password reset or as well get the GPF related information to your number directly. General Provident Fund is a service that is applicable to every employee as this tends for their retirement and future. The GPF account statement monitoring is an important point, as regular updates do help you check your account savings and plan for a better future after retirement.

How to Register WBGPF

Here we bring you an easy process to get yourself registered with the West Bengal principal accounts. Do submit your details as said to get your West Bengal GPF account registration.

WBGPF Portal Registration

West Bengal State Government Principal Accountant General has got the website designed for the General Provident Fund account to access their statement.

West Bengal GPF Statement Download

  1. Use to open the GPF Website
  2. Select Series code to choose your Department code you’re working
  3. Enter your GPF number and then enter your date of birth
  4. Pass your password along with the security code as shown inbox
  5. Click on Submit button, to open the West Bengal GPF Account page
  6. Select the GPF Pay Slip option and then a select year from the list
  7. Select the month and year to display the selected report on the screen

That’s it, West Bengal GPF for the employee details submitted will be on your screen and you can use different options to get the GPF account slip download on your device for WBGPF.

  1. Does West Bengal GPF Password have any character?

    The password restriction for the West Bengal GPF account can be any and it is preferred to use some combination of characters to make your account secure, and to secure your account, you should not add your name or number as your password in your GPF account.

  2. Why is the West Bengal GPF Date of Birth important?

    As per the details of the West Bengal General Provident Fund, the Date of birth is a piece of important information to verify the account, and the combination of GPF account number with Date of birth will let you access the GPF account page.

  3. Can we change Name in the West Bengal GPF account?

    The name displayed in your GPF account slip West Bengal or page is derived from your employment details, as per your employment documents, your details will be shown in your AGWB GPF account and if there is any mismatch you can directly raise the concern.

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  1. My register mobile number is 8927121982, please link my GPF account CPR/WB /47570 and send the otp.

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