Madhya Pradesh GPF Slip Online Download for Annual Account

Madhya Pradesh Government does provide a website to download GPF Slip for their permanent employees to get details of their employment GPF, and the account number will be provided by the DDO officer once you have got your employment confirmed with that department.

As well, to access the Madhya Pradesh salary slip and PF slip online, employees need to provide their information to DDO officers along with entire details, and date of birth, name, and mobile number are must be mentioned, as based on these details only your employment records will be added.

To access the GPF the date of birth of an employee is mandatory, which makes their password unique always.

Madhya Pradesh GPF Slip

Madhya Pradesh GPF Instructions

If you’re trying to get access or login to the General Provident Fund provided by Madhya Pradesh, then you must be aware of these below instructions, and only with these instructions, you will be able to access the GPF page and download your GPF Slip.

  • GPF Series: The series on the login page will be dependent on your department of employment, and these must be entered in capital letters only as mentioned in your ID card.
  • Account Number: The GPF account is the number provided by the department assigned to your employment. These will be unique and will be the same for your entire employment period.
  • Password: The Password will be the combination of your account number along with your date of birth, and in case you have not provided your date of birth in the records of Madhya Pradesh GPF, then you can alone use the account number as a password on GPF login page.

Madhya Pradesh GPF Slip Online

Government employees of Madhya Pradesh government can use these below given steps to get their respective GPF Slip from the official website of Madhya Pradesh GPF.

  • Use the Madhya Pradesh GPF PF web portal using
  • Enter your GPF series number related to your employee
  • Enter your account number which is your GPF number of employee
  • Fill your password (account number + date of birth) and click on the Submit button to proceed
  • Click on reports from home page button
  • Next, click on Slip from the drop down menu to load the page again
  • Selects your month along with year to show the GPF Slip

That’s it, the Madhya Pradesh employee GPF Slip for the selected month will be on your screen and can be used to get it downloaded for your future reference.

Can we access Madhya Pradesh GPF without Series Code?

No, every employee’s name is linked with their series of departments there are working with, and thus it is necessary to note your correct series number in the Madhya Pradesh GPF page to access with your Account number and password, and only these combinations will allow you to get into the GPF account page.

Can I download Madhya Pradesh Last Month GPF Slip?

Yes, as per the website of Madhya Pradesh GPF every employee does have access to last year’s slip and as well an entire SLIP summary in one statement, and you need to select the year, based on which your investment under GPF along with total funds collected will be shown on screen.

What is the Serial Code for Madhya Pradesh GPF Health Department?

The Madhya Pradesh GPF health department employees do have to use the code as M, and these letters should be used as Series code which must be entered along with the account number and password to access your GPF account page, and the combination of all three will allow you to view your GPF account page and access various other details.