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Find the PF withdrawal rules, and how to withdraw EPF amount online, and which form can use for EPF withdrawal, Can member withdraw EPF without UAN number, and how to withdraw PF amount from previous company in online…

EPFO department takes 12% of all salaried employees throughout their work life with new EPF calculation and give it back during their retirement as a big corpus of money, and the formula is simple that government and your employer helps you to save small chunks of money which in turn becomes surplus of money that can function as your retirement fund.

While you provide 12% of your basic salary, your employer will also provide a small percentage every month from their side which adds to your retirement fund directly, and this does not mean that you will only be able to withdraw money at retirement but you can actually withdraw the PF money during various circumstances and reasons

EPF Withdrawal

So even before you think about applying for withdrawal of your money from EPFO portal you have to activate your UAN number, and you will be able to find your own UAN number from your salary slip which we have to activate first and then also complete the KYC process.

EPF Withdrawal Circumstances and Eligibility

Basically, if you want to withdraw your money from PF account no would oppose that but as per the government rules there are certain set of requirements and eligibility that you need to have. Let us go over those circumstances when you are able to withdraw your money from EPFO portal.

Retirement: When you have completed your term of service and have retired from your work then you are free to withdraw all your money from the PF account. But you will not be able to withdraw any money from the pension account.

Transfer of PF from one Employer to Another: So, one of the main things we forget when we change our jobs is that we have to transfer the PF money from the old employer to the new one. This is required because you will only be able to withdraw from one employer at the end and if you do not do this then it might take quite an effort to get your PF from previous employer as well.

Unemployed for 2 months: If you are not employed for 2 months and more then you are eligible to withdraw the money from your PF account in any circumstance.

Partial PF Withdrawal: There are many reasons where you are allowed to partially withdraw your PF money up to 50% to 90% in total.

Some of those reasons are

  1. Marriage
  2. Purchase of House or Land
  3. Education
  4. Home Loan Repayment
  5. House Renovation
  6. Before Retirement

The main question that might be sizzling around your head would obviously be how you can now with draw the money from the PF account, and we 99employee.com is going to show you how you can withdraw via online first.

EPF Withdrawal Online Process

  1. Go the EPFO UAN official website https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in
  2. Login with your UAN ID and password
  3. Enter captcha as well
    • Now you are on UAN profile
  4. Go to Online Services
  5. Claim (Form-31, 19 & 10C)
  6. During this step, we have to enter the last four digits of the bank accounts and click on verify
  7. Click on the Yes
  8. Click Proceed for Online Claim
    • Now the Claim Form will show up
  9. Select the type of claim based on your preference which is available under the I Want To Apply For tab.
  10. Select the Claim, Claim Reason
    • Most important options to fill for the amount with your address
  11. Click on Submit button to submit your claim process

In this manner you can apply for your PF money claim anytime without much hassle through online EPFO portal, Previously we used to apply via offline form filling which was a very tedious and hard process, but seemingly the online advancement has helped employees all across Indian a lot by bringing in the EPF online withdrawal process.

Note: After applying for the EPF money claim, you will receive the amount in your selected bank account in 15 to 20 days, and sometimes it might take around a month but that only occurs during rare cases such as Bank holidays or department holidays during off seasons.

Can we withdraw PF without a PAN Number?

Yes, this is still possible to withdraw the EPF amount without using your PAN number, but the employee will be liable for a deduction for TDS at a maximum marginal rate of 34 %, and if the same amount is more than 50,000 no TDS will be applied on our amount withdrawn.

What is the Tax rate for EPF withdrawal?

If the amount is more than 50,000 there will be no tax levied on the EPF withdrawal and in other cases in normal and TDS of 10% will be applicable at the time of withdrawal. IF the PAN is not submitted, an 34 % of tax will be levied on your EPF withdrawal.

How Many Times, EPF Withdrawal can be done?

There is no limit on the amount that can be withdrawn from your own EPF account. The basic eligibility its employees share, or the six times wage of the employee is to be opted. The lowest will be chosen and the same will be allowed to withdraw as per the EPFO regulations.

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