Joint Declaration Form Online for 2024 EPF UAN Member Profile Changes

EPF members can confidently correct their UAN profiles using the Joint Declaration Form Online in 2024, because the process is now available online, and members can submit the Online EPF Joint Declaration 2024, which must be authenticated by their employer and sent to the concerned field office.

Our EPFO member database contains accurate and complete data. However, in some cases, there may be mismatches due to changes in member establishments which can lead to claim rejections. Rest assured, our team is constantly working to minimize such occurrences and ensure a seamless experience for our members.

EPF claim settlement is prone to certain difficulties across all offices due to data mismatches in parameters such as name, gender, date of birth, father’s name, relationship, marital status, date of joining, reason for leaving, date of leaving, nationality, and Aadhaar number. However, rest assured that we are constantly working to address these issues and provide you with a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Joint Declaration Form
Joint Declaration Form

Joint Declaration Form

EPFO has taken decisive action to ensure accurate member profiles, reduce joint declaration rejections, and minimize fraud due to UAN identity changes. The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the Joint Declaration and Member profile correction has been introduced and is being confidently implemented in the Unified Portal Application.

This document provides a detailed explanation of how the EPF joint declaration is implemented across the various interfaces in the Unified Portal Application.

The joint declaration is an authenticated request made by the employer on behalf of the employee to modify or add the employee’s basic profile parameters and this process is robust and reliable, ensuring that all changes are accurately reflected in the system.

To modify member details, the process is straightforward and efficient. First, the member must file a Joint Declaration (JD) application, which the employer then approves. Next, the Field Office (FO) receives and reviews the application before it is sent to the competent authority for final approval or rejection. The DA/SS, assigned as the initiator by the OIC of the FO, confidently handles all member modification requests. Rest assured that the process is well-structured and designed to be smooth and reliable.

The approver will confidently approve the member modification request only after thoroughly verifying all the necessary supporting documents.

Joint Declaration Form Online

Let’s have the following quick steps to submit EPF Joint Declatation

  1. Login to UAN Member Portal using user id and password with Captcha
  2. Select the appropriate Member ID or PF account no and click on Get Details.
  3. Find the displayed details on the screen
  4. Tap on the pencil icon beside the corresponding input boxes to make changes
  5. Click on the checkbox for consent with Aadhaar OTP based authentication and click on Proceed
  6. Select the document proof that you have available for the particular fields by keeping the scanned copy of the document proof ready for updation.
  7. Click choose file to Upload the supporting documentary proof
  8. click on Upload to proceed
  9. View all Uploaded Documents (If required)
  10. click the two checkboxes to select two consent
  11. click on Get OTP
  12. Enter the OTP received on your mobile and the Captcha displayed and click on Submit
  13. Get the message Changes requested saved successfully.

How to Get the Status of EPF Joint Declaration Form

  1. Open Member Portal and login with your UAN
  2. Click Manage
  3. Tap Joint Declaration
  4. View the Present status at Update Details Pending Requests (Employer / Field Office/ Approved or Rejected)

Despite this form allows the EPFO member to update father name, change the Name or Date of Birth, and Date of Joining, Leaving, but the same DOB and Name change can be changed through the Unified Member portal.

26(6) Higher Pension Declaration

Joint Option Form for Higher Pension

Documents to attach with EPF Joint Declaration Form

In case if you want to edit any of these details then you may sure enough to attach the documents as per the records along with PF Joint declaration form to ensure that your correction done correctly.

  • Provide a documentary proof if the reason for exit mentioned correctly
  • In case of Date of Birth change, the Passport or School certificate or Mark Sheet or Date of the Birth certificate attached
  • For Name, the same documents attached
  • In case of Date of Joining or Date of Leaving, the detailed joining letter or leaving letter may attached
  • Any documents that have been verified must attach with the EPF joint declaration form, as well as dual signed as proof.

>>> Annexure of Acceptable Documents to Submit for EPF Joint Declaration Online

Does only PF joint declaration form is required to change Date of Birth?

The Date of Birth may change directly from the online UAN portal or through using the Joint declaration form EPF, and employees posing the UAN Number can use any of these methods to get the date of the birth change.

Do employers need to sign the PF joint declaration Form?

Yes, this EPF Joint declaration Form is a dual form that must sign by the employee and employer together. These forms only acceptable only if both signs done on PF joint declaration forms.

Can we use Aadhar Card as the proof of Name Change?

The documents required to change the name in the PF account clearly displayed in EPF portal. Employees need to attach Aadhar card and PAN card as government proof along with duly filled PF joint declaration form for changing details in EPF account. Both the ID proofs must have your name exact with proper spelling as to be verified by the employer.

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  1. Dear sir , my name Ravindra Kumar Sharma,adhar card me 01 01,1990 date of birth hai. Jo ab tenth marks sheet ke anusar 03,03,1994 ho gya hai.epf me abhi 01,01,1990 so Kar rha hai , Please sir, epf me 03,03,1994 so kre help me sir

  2. Dir sir mera papa ka naam interchange ho gya hai jo s.k Rawat ho gya hai hona chahiye Santosh Kumar rawat hona chahiye

  3. माननीय मोहदय
    माझी नातेवाईक आहे तिच्या pf प्रोफाइल मध्ये
    चुकीची जन्म तारीख आहे
    तिचा आधार कार्ड पण लिंक नाही
    पण UAN नंबर ऍक्टिव्ह आहे त्यात तिचा मोबाईल क्रमांक लिंक आहे
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    तर तिची pf KYC करायची आहे पण ती होत नाही तिच्या कडे फक्त आधार कार्ड आणि पॅन कार्ड आहे
    जन्माचा कुठलाही पुरावा नाही (शाळेचा दाखला /जन्मपत्रिका) ती अशिक्षित आहे
    तिची जन्म तारीख तिच्या आईने तोंडी सांगितली आहे
    तरी कृपया KYC कशी करायची ह्याबद्दल जरा कळवा

  4. If I change my name on EPFO then there automatically update my kyc? After approval of RPFC HOW MANY DAYS TO REFLECT ON EPFO ACCOUNT. Is there have any further process?

  5. In my member portal my father name is missing but in my Aadhar card my father name is clearly mentioned how to resolve this kindly help me out..

  6. I’m Prasanthi I applied for transfer but it was rejected by the field of officer reason is father’s name differ, but in my pf portal and aadhar there is my husband name whereas in my PAN there is my father name was that the reason for the rejection plz help me


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