What is the Validity of Income Certificate in Karnataka

Karnataka State government does issue income certificates for the applicant based on their provided documents. The Revenue Inspector does verify the details of every applicant by either visiting or checking their details thoroughly.

Income certificate is a must for admission in Government schools, higher education with scholarship, short scale industry setup, applying for government jobs and so on. This based on income slab of the applicant, a valid income certificate issued by the respective revenue department in the state of Karnataka.

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The Issued Income certificate will be valid for a period for 5 years, which will be provided within 21 days of submitting the application. The Revenue inspector does look for documents of earning and communication address, while issuing an income certificate to an individual.

Once a certificate issued by the Nadakacheri, the details available on the official website for all time which may checked or reprinted by the applicant as necessary. This may requested of every applicant that, if they have any changes in income of the family then it required to upload a new document under the new applicant to issue a new income certificate.

Validity of Income Certificate
Validity of Income Certificate

How long Income certificate valid in Karnataka?

The income certificate from the date of application approval is valid for a period of 5 years and the date mostly starts from the 21 days of your application submission.

How can I check my Income certificate validity in Karnataka?

You can go to the Nadakacheri official website and under the online application, You can go to the NadaKacheri certificate verification section and enter your certificate number to check the details. Once the details are shown, you can also see the validity status and timeline around it.

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