Nadakacheri CV Login for Karnataka Digital Certificate (42+ Services)

Nadakacheri services online | Apply Karnataka digital certificate at Nadakacheri CV Login portal for Caste, Domicile, Income, PHC, Pension, Residence, unemployment, and total of 42 services …

What is Nadakacheri

Nadakacheri also refers as Atalji Janasnehi Kendra which is a web-based application develops by the National Informatics Center. The concept of a local server, front office, back office, or any data replication removed through this.

The entire data in the Application managed by State Data Centre controls through central architecture. Any new service addition or modification to software may processed with short time which makes them deploy easily.

This is a government initiative and a part of Nemmadi Project. Nadakacheri has been established for the welfare of citizens of state of Karnataka introduced through private-public partnership by the e-governance department of state.

The project was at telecenters at the initial stage and later was handed over to the revenue department of Karnataka state due to lack of control. Atalji Janasnehi Kendra’s were established in 769 centers and is charged by the Deputy Commissioner at the district level.

Name of the Service / Portal NADAKACHERI
Applicable for All Residents of Karnataka State including Bengaluru
No: of Services 42 types of Electronic delivery of Citizen Services
Official Web Portal
Launched on25.12.2012
Atalji Janasnehi Kendras 769 hobli center across Karnataka

There are numerous government electronic services provided to the citizens under Nadakacheri project and have been kept transparent which makes the utilization properly.

Nadakacheri Portal

Karnataka State Government has laid 42 services for the benefit of citizens through Nadakacheri Portal which can be directly accessed through online service. Here is the list of services provided by Nadakacheri in quick steps.

  1. Karnataka Caste Certificate (Caste certificate Cat A , Caste certificate SC & ST)
  2. Agricultural Family Member Certificate
  3. Domicile Certificate
  4. Agricultural Labour certificate
  5. Agriculturist Certificate
  6. Bonafied Certificate
  7. Attestation of Family Tree
  8. Landless Certificate
  9. Land Holding Certificate
  10. Living Certificate
  11. Income Certificate
  12. OBC certificate
  13. Solvency certificate
  14. Residence certificate
  15. Income Certificate for employment Certificate
  16. Noncreamy Layer certificate
  17. No Re-Marriage Certificate
  18. Non-Tenancy Certificate
  19. Window Certificate
  20. Minority Certificate and More

How to Get an certificate from Nadakacheri

Every citizen of the state can get a certificate through registration under Nadakacheri Karnataka for their education or any mean purpose. Follow the steps and get your certificate form online by meeting the documents and other requirements points.

Documents required for Certificate

There are minimum documents that one must have handy while applying for any certificate in Nadakacheri.

  • Application form may download online
  • Identity Proof which is your government proof
  • Residence Proof as Aadhar or License or similar card
  • Income Report or any following document
  • Report of Certificate from concerned document
  • Any past certificate if available to be added

Once you have all above said documents, you can proceed to apply for a certificate in Nadakacheri web-based application. Just follow these steps and get your certificate which registers in Karnataka state.

Nadakacheri CV Login

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Now click on Apply Online under Online Application from Menu
  3. Enter your registered mobile number along with the security code
  4. Click on the Login button and wait for the user home page to load
  5. Here tap on New request and select type of certificate form list
  6. Now fill in all your details in the Application form and verify them twice
  7. Upload all documents as required and click on the Save button
  8. Note the acknowledgment number sent to your mobile number
  9. Click on Ok to proceed and make the online payment as Application fees

That’s it, once payment completes, you will receive a receipt of confirmation from Nadakacheri login for your certificate applied through online application. These will usually take 21 working days to address and approved by the official department.

How to Check Status of Certificate at Nadakacheri Login

If you have applied for a certificate, then you can just use the option of check status to get your Nadakacheri application status and its stage.

  1. Open Nadakacheri homepage at
  2. Click on Online Application
  3. Here tap on application status and then wait for new page to load
  4. Now select Application type and then rent your Application number
  5. Click on get Status and wait for results to display below

That’s it, the status of your applied certificate will display on screen. This is which you are aware of how your certificate being handle or if it needs any more documents for the process.

What is GSC number

How to Re-issue and certificate form Nadakacheri

Every certificate from the portal will have a limited validity period. After that it must re-issue for your future usage. The below are the steps that you can take to get your certificate again from the portal.

  1. Open nadakacheri login website at
  2. Click on Online Application
  3. Here tap on Apply online and then login with your respective credentials
  4. On the home page of the user, click on the type of certificate to re-issue
  5. Here enter your application details and click on the search button
  6. Match your details from results and tap on them to re-issue
  7. Upload the documents if required along with correcting details
  8. Correct the details if required and click on submit button to proceed
  9. Make the application fee payment and get the Application number

That’s it, the certificate may re-issued. You can check the status of your new application form the same Application status link.

  1. Can I get my caste change through Nadakacheri?

    Yes, as a resident of Karnataka state government any changes in your respective caste or religion must be addressed through Nadakacheri. This applicant needs to provide relevant documents through caste change certificate application form and get it processed through Nadakacheri online procedure using your registered mobile number.

  2. Is Nadakacheri Application fee Mandatory?

    Being a government project, Nadakacheri does charge minimum service charges on every application processed. The application fee is collected for printed documents and will be always below Rs 100/-. To support smooth running of projects, the fees are mandatory to be paid for your application.

  3. Can I Cancel any certificate issued by Nadakacheri?

    No, as every certificate issued by Nadakacheri will be processed by monitoring your provided documents. Thus only after successful verification of documents and application form, an Nadakacheri certificate will be issued. Thus you cannot cancel it rather you can change the details by providing any supporting documents through an online process.

  4. What is the income limit for OBC in Nadakacheri?

    In recent regulations it has been observed that the parent’s income should be below the Rs 15 Lakhs. This is set to be a minimum ceiling limit for OBC by the national commission for backward classes. To possess an OBC certificate, one should have their annual gross income below this limit.

  5. Who is eligible for Nadakacheri OBC creamy layer?

    Anyone who is belonging to the OBC community must have their gross annual income below 8 lakhs as per the regulations. They will be allowed to mark themselves as creamy layer of OBC and will be eligible for any respective scheme.

  6. Can I get a Medium certificate from Nadakacheri Online?

    Yes, if you’re a resident of Karnataka state, then by using the official website of Nadakacheri. You can register online and fill the details as required for your medium certificate. One should apply and upon successfully processing they will be allowed to download the Nadakacheri medium certificate.

  7. What documents are required for a Caste certificate from Nadakacheri?

    If you're using the Nadakacheri website, then here are the documents that will be required to get your caste certificate issued. Personal Identification, Birth Certificate, Aadhar card, Income certificate, Voter ID or Ration Card, Certificate from Municipality or Panchayat, RESIDENCE PROOF.

  8. Is caste certificate and residential certificate different?

    Caste certificates determine the caste of the person who belongs to that religion. A residential certificate will be issued to the person who is staying in the same place for a long time. These combinations of certificates will allow a person eligible to apply for any government identity or scholarship.

  9. Why is my income certificate rejected in Nadakacheri?

    The income certificate will be issued to a person who has their income limits below the ceiling limit decided by the government of Karnataka. Any document mismatch or having the income above the ceiling limit will directly reject your certificate.

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