What is RI in Nadakacheri

RI in Nadakacheri

RI referred as Revenue Inspector who will be looking at all submitted applications from the official website of Nadakacheri and as well through offline. The Revenue inspector will verify the applications of caste and income certificate along with other applications submitted.

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Once verified, they will handed over to caseworkers and will forward to the desk of Tahsildar at Taluk headquarters. The process of digital signature initiated once the respective Tahsildar verify and approve the applications. Even if the application rejected, the applicant can contact the local Revenue Inspector for details and updates.

Revenue Inspector, Tahsildar, Caseworker are few important designations in the Nadakacheri¸ who will scrutinize the applications. RI and Tahsildar do have full rights to accept or reject the application if details found not matching with terms. Issue of certificate must be with the digital signature. This makes process easier, and any applications submitted may approved and issued within 10 working days.

What does Revenue inspector do in Nada Kacheri?

A Revenue inspector is prominently part of the application transfer from the cyber operator office or any near by taluk. He goes through the applications and check their revenue verification as per the documents submitted.

What does application pending with revenue inspector mean?

If you have received an application status that the “application pending with revenue inspector” that it means that the revenue inspector has not yet confirmed your revenue application and is going through the approval process. The timeline not yet decided but most of the times since its online process now should take less than 2-4 weeks.