TNEB Bill Status Online at tnebnet Web Portal

Check TNEB bill status before or after payment, check the status online, and get your electricity bill account summary anytime from anywhere at the web portal…

The Tamilnadu electricity board which stands TNEB has pivoted away and made digitization their priority by allowing their customers to make payments online and do a lot more tasks online rather than visiting the offline offices.

In this context, the TNEB has made the online portal with the name Tamilnadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited i.e, TANGEDCO through which users will be allowed to not only pay for electricity bills but can also check there for payment status on the bill, create their account to be able to access the previous bills paid.

TNEB Bill Status Online

So if you have made a recent TNEB online payment for the TNEB bills then you might want to know if the payment has been completed and all your dues are paid, but in order for you to do that, you will have to check the TNEB bill status online by following the below steps.

Method 1 – Check Account Summary

This method allows you to access your account summary which provides you information regarding the bills paid, dues and more information that will help you understand if your previous bill payment has been completed thus allowing you to check your bill status.

  • Open the Account summary page for TNEB from here
  • Through this page you will have to choose your region from the drop-down menu first, then enter your service number and your mobile number
  • Enter the captcha code from the image and then click on the proceed option and your account summary will be shown online

Method 2

Check TNEB Bill status

In this method consumers can check TNEB reading from official portal of the electricity department of Tamil Nadu by using below given steps.

  1. Visit official web portal
  2. Now click on Menu button and select the billing services
  3. Tap on Bill status to open the page
  4. Select Region
  5. Provide Service Number and Other details
  6. Click Proceed to check your bill status

Can I check my TNEB Bill status directly for each bill?

No, as of now there is no feature or option that allows any Tamilnadu citizen to check their TNEB bill status for each bill directly, and that is why in the above methods you will be able to access all the bills summary at once and then through that page, you can access individual bill summaries allowing you to check each bill status.