Reliance Health Insurance Claim Form to Repay Hospital Bill

Reliance health insurance is one of the largest general insurance company in India and it has served more than 5 million customers over time, and they are well known for providing all types of Insurances from House, Property, Vehicle to Health Insurance as well.

In this article today we will be discussing more their General Health Insurance plan which many of you might have taken and would like to know how you can claim the Insurance for it.

So, in this article we have discussed about the 3 different form Parts of the Reliance General Health Insurance from Part A, B and C to explain their claim form details and how you can use them effectively as well

Reliance Health Insurance
Reliance Health Insurance

Reliance Health Insurance Claim form

Part – A

If you have opted for the health Insurance from Reliance then this Form A should be used to claim for the Insurance money in case if the claim is other than travel or personal accident, and this claim does not cover any accident that is caused due to travel or personal reasons.

This form has 8 sections which are necessary to be filled and an overview of these sections are mentioned as listed below.

  1. Section A – Primary Insurer Details
  2. Section B – Insurer History
  3. Section C – Insurer Hospitalization Details
  4. Section D – Hospitalization Details
  5. Section E – Claim Details
  6. Section F – Claim Bills & Claim Documents Submitted
  7. Section G – Insurer Bank Details
  8. Section H – Declaration of the Claim form

As the claim form duly suggests this does not work for any of the claims of the Insurer is hospitalized due to personal injury or travel accidents.

Download Form Part A

Part – B

This form is the secondary part and this should be filled by the Hospital and the hospital administration along with the doctors where the Insurer has been hospitalized.

This form only has 6 sections which are to be completely filled by the Hospital. But in case if the Hospital is not among the list of network hospitals under Reliance then they can put their details under the Section E.

  1. Section A – Hospital Details
  2. Section B – Patient Details
  3. Section C – Patient Ailment Diagnosed Details
  4. Section D – Claim Documents Submitted
  5. Section E – For Non-Network Hospitals
  6. Section F – Declaration by the Hospital

Download Form Part B

Part – C

This claim form is to be used in case if the Insurer wants to request for cashless hospital service, and most of the time it is a problem to pay the invoice and bills through cash during the time of medical attention, which is why Reliance General Insurance came up with this idea of claim from Part – C through which insurers can request for cashless hospitalization to make their times easy.

This form has around 7 sections which are to be filled by both the Insurer or else Insurers representative, then there are sections which should be filled by the Hospital and the treating doctor as well.

  1. Section A – Hospital Details
  2. Section B – Insurer Details
  3. Section C – Details to be filled by Treating Doctor/ Hospital
  4. Section D – Patient Details
  5. Section E – Declaration by treating doctor
  6. Section F – Declaration by Patient or Patient’s representative
  7. Section G – Declaration by Hospital

Download Part C Form

This type of Insurance claim is being prevalent now in these times because of cash restrictions and the need of the hour asks for it. This form allows not only the patient but also the patient’s family, representative, hospital and doctors to not worry about the cash since this would be a cashless Insurance claim.

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