Care Freedom Claim Form (Religare Health Insurance Product Claim Form)

Care Freedom does come with lifelong renewability options which cover all expenses during insured hospitalization, and the Care Freedom Claim form shows all the requirements to submit as per the policy which does cover daycare treatments, health check-ups that don’t require hospitalization, and irrespective of claim history the benefits are pre-policy medical check-up amounts of cash & easy claim settlements along with automatic recharge of sum insured.

There is total coverage of 5 lakhs which is provided by Religare having a waiting period of 2 years, and the minimum age required to enter this plan is 90 days which doesn’t have any upper limit for age, and as well, there are numerous pre-existing diseases that can be covered under the Care Freedom Health Insurance Product.

Care Freedom Health Insurance Claim Form

The Claim form for the Care Freedom Health Insurance Product does come with the tagline of care freedom which must be used by this policyholder.

So with the growth of online use, they have also switched the claim status tracking to both online and through SMS in which you will be able to check your insurance claim form status once it is submitted, and it is always advisable for any of you to ensure that the hospital that you choose is among the network hospitals suggested by the Care Freedom as they provide ease of assistance for claim form filling as they are already frequent with the process.

If you want to learn how this claim form works then go over the instructions and explanation below that can help you understand more about the Care Freedom Health Insurance product.

Care Freedom Claim Form Part A

At the top of the Claim do mention the Claim Intimation Number along with Policy number, such that insurance providers edit your details and the details of the primary insured person along with the insurance history under the same policy.

Full details of the insurance policyholder along with proper communication address and relation with primary insured to be detailed here. Details of hospitalization with date and type of illness or accident must be mentioned, and the details of the Bill paid to the hospital under treatment with their serial number to be entered to calculate the entire medication Bill, and this will be your total bill that will be asked for reimbursement based on the Bills provided.

The Insured person Bank details must be filed correctly, as if the reimbursement amount is sanctioned it will be directly sent to their account.

Care Freedom Claim Form Part B

This part of the care Freedom Claim Form needs to be followed by the hospital which does provide a detailed history and treatment that the insured person has gone through under their hospital.

Details of the hospital, Details of Patients admitted along with diagnosis patients underwent must be written. Checklist must be correct based on the documents attached with the declaration of hospital authority as proof.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the process for Care Freedom Claim like other Claims?

Care Freedom is a policy that does go long for a large term and thus the process for the reimbursement is different when it is compared with other health insurance products, and the bills of daily treatments along with other tests can also be chosen for claim under this policy.

Can we claim medicine Bills under Care freedom Product?

Yes, Care Freedom does allow its insured person to claim every single bill that they have got from the hospital during the course of the policy, and the policy does not look for any backend diseases or hospitalization, and irrespective of such one can get their Care Freedom Policy insured.

Can we resume Care Freedom Policy after 5 Years?

The Care Freedom policy is open for the long term and one can anytime get it resumed with the same insured amount by making the due premium amount for that particular year, and the policy will start covering all your expenses of your medical treatment from the date of resume of your Care freedom policy which will be accepted by the insurance provider.

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