Max Bupa Health Insurance Claim Form (PartA and Part B)

Max Bupa Health Insurance has been awarded the best insurance service for its constant service excellence and innovation, where the claim form is simplified and the comprehensive plans along with individual offering do help the customer (policyholder) to select the best policy as per their requirement.

Customers can select policies for individual treatment or entire related medication, and the view to get the insured fill and health brings the Max Bupa Health Insurance with offering family and individual policy.

Get the personal accident cover or critical illness like specific plans that are described for your individual insurance, and there are over 5000 network hospitals in India, which give you the benefit of the cashless medication.

Max Bupa Health Insurance Claim Form

As per the Max Bupa Health Insurance, there are 8 claims that were processed under cashless transaction out of 10 and the remaining 2 are accepted with the reimbursement claim form.

Max Bupa Health Insurance Claim Form Details

If you’re having any difficulty in filling the Max Bupa Health Insurance Claim, then do follow this instruction and get your claim application filled in quick time.

Max Bupa Health Insurance Part A

This section is entirely for the Patience who is insured with the Max Bupa Health Insurance under a policy number, and there are Section A to H that need to be filled in detail as discussed below.

  1. Section A: Here you need to fill the policy number along with your Address of communication in details
  2. Section B: Fill this section if you have any insurance history or leave it blank if you have not used Max Bupa Health Insurance any time before.
  3. Section C: Fill in details of the hospitalized person, if it is yourself or anyone from your family if this and family policy
  4. Section D: Here fill the details of hospitalization with the date and treatment taken in the hospital
  5. Section E & F: Here get your Bill number along with the amount paid for that treatment to the hospital by mentioning the total claim amount.
  6. Section G & H: Get your bank details filed here, which will be added for your claim amount credited along with declaring the same with your signature.

Max Bupa Health Insurance Part B

In this part b side, the entire details need to be filled with respective to hospital in the section A to F.

  1. Section A: If the details of the hospital can be easily found from the bills or discharge summary you received
  2. Section B: Fill in details of patients who are admitted to this hospital with type and date of admission.
  3. Section C & D: Detail of your diagnosis taken in the hospital need to be written with respect to the type of medication taken and other tests taken.
  4. Section E & F: Fill in the details if your hospital is not in the network list of Max Bupa Health Insurance and then get it attested with the hospital stamp and signature.

Download Health Companion Claim Form Online

The Entire form needs to be filed and duly signed by the insured and hospital to make it officially verified, and make sure you have filled all details in the Capital letter with corrections for easy verification of the hospital.

Do I need to get a signature from the Hospital on Max Bupa Health Insurance Claim Form?

Yes, the Max Bupa Health Insurance Claim Part B is entirely for hospitals only and thus it must be verified by them. An attestation of the hospital is must require, as without a hospital stamp the claim form will not be approved for the claim.

How many days does Max Bupa Health Insurance Claim take?

The entire reimbursement process does take one month or more, as per the verification and details of your hospital, and the submission of documents will undergo various processes and only after verification, it will proceed for the reimbursement process.

Can I raise a claim form on-behalf of an insured person?

Yes, if you are in relation to the insured person of Max Bupa Health Insurance, then you can raise the Max Bupa Health Insurance Claim form by filling your details in the primary contact, and as a guardian or family member of an insured person, you can raise a claim form and get every detail about the reimbursement by submitting entire policy documents.

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