MIS Training Material Haryana to View and Download Online

Access to MIS training material available | Find the way how to login and the contents/videos of MIS training material available to view and download online…

Haryana MIS Portal is designed based on the Management Information System which brings entire data of school administration of Haryana State in one website. The staff, teachers, and students of Haryana state can get their required information with Haryana MIS Portal.

The personal details of employees are available in the MIS portal along with information of each student in school. Update on academic and other mandatory information is provided to have easy access to everyone in the state.

This information is provided with details that are uploaded by the school admin regularly to any changes that happen in school. The material of MIS is available on the official website.

MIS Training Material

Are you looking for Haryana MIS Portal training material, then here are quick steps that can help you get them listed? Make sure you follow these steps correctly to get the materials.

  1. Open Haryana MIS at hryedumis.gov.in

    Go to the official website of Haryana MIS Portal form your browser

  2. Enter Username and Password

    Login with your credentials with concerned DEOs or BEOs

  3. Click MIS Training Material

    Now click on MIS Training material from the menu option provided

  4. Check Materials

    Haryana MIS Training material will be listed on your screen

  5. Select the material and download to your device

    That’s it, Here you can select any material from the list and tap on them to download. These materials will be available with the date of their updating in the portal.

Haryana MIS Material List

Have a look at the list of MIS training Material available on the website for students and teachers.

  1. Employee profile, Service Book Proforma and Guidelines
  2. User Manual for Students Admission
  3. MIS remote support using TeamViewer
  4. Manual for password reset
  5. User manual for school definition
  6. User Manual for MIS clint
  7. MIS field orientation
  8. Regular updating of information in different modules
  9. Employee profile updating and its verification
  10. Completion of selection allocation and subject selection
  11. Government order regarding implementation of MIS
  12. Completion of data and data quality management
  13. Completion of Non-Mandatory fields of students

Haryana MIS Training Material Videos

There is video material available for easier understanding of teachers and students while accessing the Haryana MIS Portal. Here is the list of training material in video format.

  1. Fresh Admission video help guide
  2. Pending Admissions video help guide
  3. Edit Student profile video help guide
  4. Readmission video Help guide
  5. Define School video Help guide
  6. Section Allocation and subject selection video guide
  7. Stream , section and subject change video guide
  8. Roll number allocation video guide
  9. Students attendance video guide
  1. What is MIS Training Material?

    The Management Information System has information for everyone in school which is useful for teachers and students. This material is loaded with all data about the courses and as well including the material based on time schedule.

    The details of update of MIS portal, Employee demise information, weightage of Marks for debilitating diseases and other similar details are provided here.

    There are a lot of documents that are available in the Haryana MIS training material link which can give you detailed information of the ongoing process in Haryana state for education. There is list of material that one can access form the Haryana MIS Portal.

  2. Can anyone access the MIS Training Material?

    Yes, the Haryana MIS Training Material is available for everyone including teachers, staff, and students along with the applicants. These materials are provided for benefit and easy understanding of the MIS portal of Haryana education department.

  3. What are helplines for MIS Training Material?

    Applicant or teacher or staff who are unable to access the Haryana MIS training material or stuck with any stuff in Haryana MIS Portal. Then you can directly call to 01725 206 666 toll free number or send an email to hrymis@gmai.com to communicate with the customer service department.

  4. Is there any training material for employees while uploading details?

    The Haryana MIS Training material does have a document with Annexure p1, annexure p2 and annexure p3 which clearly determine the regulation about uploading personal information of employees in the portal. These annexures must be checked while uploading any personal information.

  5. Does Haryana MIS Training Material contain Government Orders?

    Yes, the Haryana MIS training material has a section with uploaded documents of Government order and other documents which does help to understand the data complexity of MIS portal.

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