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Oasis scholarship online for academic session | Register, check, and renew West Bengal pre matric and post matric scholarship online at Oasis…

Oasis Scholarship

The department of tribal development and the backward classes welfare department of West Bengal has initiated the Oasis Scholarship for the students of the backward class category.

This Online Application for Scholarship in Studies (OASIS) will be provided to Scheduled caste, Scheduled Tribe, and OBC category students based on their merit marks. Students up to PG are eligible including those who register for West Bengal employment bank enrollment, but as a student of the course as per eligibility.

Oasis Scholarship is only available in West Bengal through its online portal exclusive for their citizens only. To support the students for their future education and encourage them to study with the support of the government, this concept of scholarship has been brought up.

Any child who is studying can apply for these scholarships through their portal and attack the supporting documents to get themselves eligible.

Name of the Scheme OASIS
State West Bengal
Applicable for SC, ST, and OBC students, based on merit
Mode of application Online only
Helpline +91 8420023311
Web portal oasis.gov.in

In this article, we bring you details about the complete details of Online Application for Scholarship in Studies (OASIS) and its category with a detailed guide of how to apply it quickly.

Documents Required for Oasis Scholarship

Every student who wants to apply for the Oasis Scholarship irrespective of their caste must have below documents in hand while applying for a scholarship.

  1. Passport Size Photograph
  2. Caste certificate
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Income certificate
  5. Last year qualifying exam marks sheet
  6. Government identity Proof
  7. Bank Passbook xerox
  8. Residential Certificate

Oasis Scholarship List

Before we move further it must be clear who can apply for the scholarship, as there are few different categories of scholarship available here.

  • Pre matric scholarship for SC/ ST students
  • Post Matric Scholarship For SC/ST and OBC Students

Eligibility for Oasis Scholarship

To get a part of the Oasis, students must check their eligibility criteria first. Here we have brought the points that will look at before applying for a scholarship. The student must be a resident of West Bengal State and does possess the below criteria as per the scholarship.

Pre matric Oasis Scholarship Eligibility

The students under pre-matric scholarship must be mandatory from the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe category

  • Students of classes IX and X can apply
  • The annual income of the family must be below 2 Lakhs

Post-Matric Oasis Scholarship Eligibility

The students for the post-matric scholarship must be from the School care, Scheduled Tribe, and OBC category.

  • Students of Class XI and Postgraduate can Apply
  • SC/ST Students Annual Family income to be below 2.5 Lakhs
  • OBC students annual Family income to be below 1 Lakhs

Rewards in Oasis Scholarship

The students who avail scholarships will get some amount as a reward based on their merit list. The day scholars and hostellers having scholarships will directly benefit from the excess amount.

Pre-Matric Scholarship Rewards for SC/ ST

The rewards rupees will deposit to student’s accounts monthly and are different for every scheme of Oasis.

  • Students Get Rs 150 for Day Scholars and Rs 750 for Hostellers.
  • Students get Rs 750 for Day Scholars and Rs 1000 as an Ad Hoc grant

Post matric Scholarship Rewards for SC/ ST

The post-matric students do get some excess amount with having differences in the class they study if they are from SC and ST caste.

  1. Day Scholar Graduate Students Get Rs 550 as monthly maintained
  2. Day Scholar School Students do get Rs 230 as their monthly allowance
  3. BPharm, LLB, BSc Day Scholar students get RS 530 as monthly allowance
  4. Hosteller get Rs 1200 as monthly allowance studying in Medical, Engineering, BSc and LLM
  5. Students of Hosteller trading in LLB, BPharm, BSC in nursing get RS 820 per month
  6. Another candidate studying regular course set Rs 750 per month

Post Matric Scholarship Rewards for OBC

Students applying for Oasis Scholarship under the OBC category do get these benefits every month during their studies.

  1. Day Scholars get Rs 350 when they study Medical, Engineer, BSc and LLM course
  2. Day Scholar get Rs 335 if they study BPharm, LLB, BSC and postgraduate courses
  3. Other graduate level course will receive Rs 210 per month
  4. Hosteller studying in medial, engineering, PhD and LLM get Rs 750 per month
  5. Hosteller Students studying in BPharm, LLB, BSc get Rs 510 per month
  6. Students of Class XI, XII and polytechnic get Rs 260 per month

How to Register for Oasis Scholarship

The process to apply for the Oasis Scholarship pre matric and post matric is easier, as everything processed through online websites. Do follow the steps and get your scholarship application applies from its official website.

  1. Visit oasis.gov.in and click on Student Registration
  2. select your district form list
  3. Fill your details as per school records and click on submit button
  4. That’s it, your scholarship registration completed and your ID of student will create in the official website. Save your login credentials which will use for future applications.

How to Login to Oasis Scholarship

Candidates who have got their login credentials can try to access the portal and check their details correctly filled in the Oasis website.

  1. Open oasis.gov.in from your browser
  2. Click on Registered student login and wait for few second
  3. Enter your user ID, Password along with captcha code shown on screen
  4. click on Login button and you will be to your student page
  5. That’s it, make sure your name and other details are correct, as they will only offered while applying for same

How to Apply Oasis Scholarship Online

Once you got yourself register with the scholarship, then you can follow the process to apply for the scholarship which suits your education.

  1. Go to the official website oasis.gov.in for your browser
  2. Click on Registered student login and use your credentials to get in
  3. Click on Apply button and then wait for application to load
  4. Fill your details as per your education records in the Application form
  5. Click on ‘Save and Proceed’ then double check your submitted details
  6. Click on ‘verify & lock’ only once you’re sure enough about your details
  7. That’s it once the scholarship locked, get your Application form download and get it attach with all your supporting documents. This set of documents must sent to the block development officer for further process.

How to Renew Oasis Scholarship

Are you an already registered student of the Oasis Scholarship and avail of the same in the last year of your education? Then here are the steps that you must use to renew your Scholarship for further education support.

  1. Visit the official website oasis.gov.in to apply for renewal
  2. Click on ‘Renew Scholarship’ and provide your login credentials
  3. Last year application loaded on your screen with details
  4. Modify as per the requirement and then click on ‘ renew application’
  5. Once verified, click on ‘renew and lock application’ to proceed further
  6. That’s it! get renew application form download and attach with all new supporting documents which need to submit to the block development officer.

How to Check Oasis Scholarship Status

The applicant who has applied for the Scholarship can use the below-given process to track their application and find out what exactly is happening.

  1. List the official website oasis.gov.in to check for status
  2. Click on ‘track an application’ link form the home page
  3. Provide your Applications number and District from drop down
  4. Fill all details and then tap on check status to check your details
  5. That’s it, the status of your Oasis Scholarship displayed on screen by giving you detail information about where it is pending and how it will processed further.

What is Last for applying for an Oasis Scholarship?

Every year the scholarship open for students who can avail of the facility for their educational support. The scholarship will have a date of the last week of February, before which all applications must apply and should send for verification with attached documents.

Can OBC students with 2,00,000 Annual income apply for Oasis Scholarship?

No, the minimum eligibility for Oasis Scholarship by OBC students is 1,00,000 only. Thus student family income if exceeding these amounts will not be eligible to apply.

Can OBC students apply for Pre matric Oasis Scholarship?

As per the Oasis Scholarship rules, the pre matric scholarship is only applicable for SC and ST caste students. The OBC students can start availing the scholarship facility once they are up to their Class XI and above.

Can I edit my Oasis Scholarship Application form?

The application form once submitted in the official portal locked then. If they have not used the lock button, they can edit and update the application form. If the lock button pressed, then students not able to edit their Oasis Scholarship application.

Do recently migrated students apply for an Oasis Scholarship?

The student who is a domicile of west Bengal can only apply for Oasis Scholarship. They should have got a domicile certificate form their nearest revenue department and attach it with the application form to apply.

Can I use the Oasis Scholarship for my entire education?

Yes, the scholarship initiated to support the education of students. Thus students if are eligible will provide with a scholarship for their entire studies. They must attain minimum qualifying marks and regularly submit documents every year to renew Oasis Scholarship.

Where will I get Oasis Scholarship Reward Money?

The Oasis Scholarship Reward amount directly transferred to the student account which linked with the Application form. The amount transferred to the student account by every first week of the month to meet their minimum expenses which is a part of the Oasis Scholarship.