PFMS Scholarship for Pre/Post Matric, Merit, Top Class Education

PFMS Scholarship is applicable for Pre/Post Matric, Merit, Top Class Education, and Girl Child Secondary education. Find eligibility and login to apply for a scholarship…

Public Financial Management System is a web-based online application. Designed to bring different scholarship schemes from Government in India into one screen. The online website allows the applicant to apply for any selected scholarship and as well track their status instantly.

Every scholarship from the government does have eligibility criteria that can check based on your eligibility, the applicant can directly register themselves to apply.

Having brought the Public Financial Management System into work, the credit of the amount under scholarship is directly credited to the account of the applicant and this has avoided the middleman.

PFMS Scholarship

Many development changes brought, as the malpractice and other illegal works came to halt with the having appliance direct connection with their respective scholarship applications.

Name of the SchemePFMS Scholarship
Applicable forAll Students with in India as per elegibility of different scholarships under PFMS
Main ObjectiveFinancial assistance for better education for talented students


PFMS is classified into two different sections of schemes which are Central Sector Schemes and Centrally Sponsored Schemes. Have a look at this difference in the schemes which are provided to everyone through the Public Financial Management System.

PFMS Scholarship Schemes

Have a quick look at the schemes that come under the Central Sector PFMS scholarship schemes.

Central Sector Schemes

  1. PFMS Scholarship for Universities and College Students
  2. National Means Cum Merit Scholarship
  3. National Incentive PFMS Scheme for Girl child’s secondary education

Centrally Sponsored Schemes

Here is a list of scholarship schemes that are provided by the Centrally Sponsored section schemes.

  1. PFMS Post matric scholarship for SC category Students
  2. Pre-Matric Scholarship for SC students
  3. Post Matric Scholarship for OBC students
  4. PFMS Merit Scholarship upgradation scheme for SC students
  5. Top Class Education PFMS Scheme for SC Students

PFMS Scholarship

Let us give you a clear description of each scheme that is provided by the Public Financial Management System to the students who want to pursue their higher education.

PFMS Scholarship for Students Universities

The students will revise Rs 1,000 per annum for their education period and Rs 2,000 if they are studying post-graduation courses. In the case of professional studies, the extra Rs 2,000 rewarded to the students along with their scholarship amount.

Students who are pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate courses can apply for Public Financial Management System Scholarship and get the benefits listed below.

Eligibility: Candidates are in a part of 20% of the top listed students in their final examination. They should be under the age category of 18 to 25 age with a family income of Rs 6,00,000 per annum.

Pre-Matric Scholarship for SC students

The Ministry of Social Justice and empowerment does look after this pre matric scholarship for SC students which aims to provide education for deserving candidates. Selected candidates do get extra benefits as they perform well in their examinations.

Eligibility: Students must be belonging to SC Category while pursuing their studies in Class IX and Class X. The family income for the candidate must be less than Rs 1,00,000 per annum to be eligible for this scholarship.

Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students

The post-matric scholarship for SC students is provided to the students who have passed through the Class X examination. The students can apply to any higher education with a pass percentage.

Eligibility: Candidates do get mandatory non-refundable fees with having some maintenance allowance. Scheme also covers the cost of printing charges and thesis typing along with giving free books by the ministry. Few selected students given rewards towards their study tour and an additional allowance if they have any disability.

Merit Scholarship Upgradation for SC Students

There is a merit scholarship program for SC students which does provide some extra benefits to the students who select especially. The hostel facilities, consistent record, development observed from students. Based on this data they may provide 25,000 Rs per annum with an additional reward of Rs 15,000. As well an extra 3,000 for a book and stationery will be provided.

Eligibility: Candidate must have a good score and should maintain his full score in the entire 4 years of their studies.

Top Class Education Scheme for SC Students

PFMS does select around 207 institutions in India based on their excellence include IIT, IIM, NIT etc. The students given a tuition fee and refundable fee of Rs 2,00,000 per annum and Rs 4,00,000 respectively. As well as Rs 2,220 for living expenses, Rs 3,00 with books and stationery charges.

Eligibility: the students must be belonging to the SC category and must have an annual income of less than 4,50,000 per annum.

Public Financial Management System Registration

Hope you have seen the list of schemes under which the scholarship is being provided to the eligible candidates. Here is the guide to register yourself with PFMS and create your account. The registration process is open for a limited time and candidates must always look and grab the chance to register.

PFMS Login

The candidate must visit the official website of the Public Financial Management System and click on Register from the login button. Provide the details about their current education and other communication details as asked. Upload the supporting documents and get your PFMS ID.

PFMS Know Your Payment Status

The candidate who has applied for the scholarship in the Public Financial Management System, can check their payment status online. Here is details which you can follow and know where your scholarship amount stuck.

  1. Visit the official website of PFMS using the link
  2. Click on Know your Payments and wait for page to load
  3. Now enter your bank account details with the verification code
  4. Click on search button and wait for your details to fetch

That’s it, The Public Financial Management System will fetch your payment details based on your bank account number. The status shown on screen with the option of your payment.

Can I apply for a PFMS scholarship multiple times?

A candidate can apply for a particular scholarship as per their eligibility only once a year. They can apply for the same scholarship renewal in the next year to avail same benefits for the next preceding year until their education completes.

Does PFMS Scholarship change per state?

There are different scholarships given to every student at Central and State level. Based on the eligibility and other criteria students can check their details from their respective state to apply for that.

How will I receive my Scholarship Amount from PFMS?

The Public Financial Management System designed to remove the middleman work during the disbursing of the amount. The tuition fee directly forward to your institution and extra benefit amount moves to your personal bank account which paid during PFMS registration.

Can I change my Bank Account Number in PFMS?

Yes, candidates can change their bank account number from the registration page of the Public Financial Management System. This may done before disbursing the amount by scholarship tool, as once the amount locked, the bank account number can’t change.

Will I have to update my details every year in PFMS?

Candidates who want to get the Public Financial Management System scholarship for their next year of education, must have to update their details in the PFMS tool. This needs every year with recommended certificates and documents in the attachments.

Will I get the amount even if I don’t meet eligibility in PFMS?

The Public Financial Management System is an online tool that manages the applicant data and if there is any gap in the applicant details. Their respective application may not processed, and their name not includes in the scholarship eligible list. It is mandatory to have all details updated and candidates to meet the respective eligibility to avail of the benefits.

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