MIS Forms for Student & Employee of Haryana School Education

Download MIS forms for student and employee at Education Portal of Haryana | Print the forms directly as per your requirement online at the school education web portal…

The education department of Haryana has brought the MIS Portal mostly refers as the Saksham Education Portal of Haryana.

This portal does contain all information of students in school, teachers, and staff in the state. Every detail about education in Haryana state under school administration is available in this portal for everyone. There are specific logins to create in MIS Haryana Portal for teachers, staff, applicants, students, and the school administration.

To help everyone to understand MIS Portal better, there are form sections to create with most forms available. Based on your requirement, they must use these forms from the portal. Anyone can access these forms without any restriction from the official website.

MIS Forms for Student & Employee

MIS Forms Haryana

The Haryana state government provides numerous Forms in Management Information System (MIS) for the convenience of teachers and students. Have a look at different forms that are available under MIS Haryana Portal. It is to make your journey to the Saksham education portal easier.

Student Admission Form

The application form is useful for filling in details of applicants by parents or guardians to apply for admission. This may accept in all schools under the Haryana education department. This may submit while applying to any preferred school while admission. The details may fill with capital letters for better understanding.

School Leaving Certificate

Any student who wants to get a school leaving certificate in case of school change or in the complication of their education. These need to fill this form to submit in school to get the updated school leaving certificate

Employees Service Profile

Any employee who is from the staff or teacher’s area must fill this form to submit in school. These forms will help them while retrieving from school with having all details of their service update in the final certificate.

Proforma for Generation of Login Credentials

Applicants for teachers or anyone from school admin. This wants to get the login credentials in MIS Haryana Portal. This must fill these applications and submit them to the admin department. Upon verification and update of this form, the applicant will be provided access to MIS Haryana Portal.

Form for Employee Profile and Service Details

To update the employee details or service details from the MIS Haryana Portal. The guidelines must check by teacher, based on these details only you are able to fill your details in portal.

Employee Module Question

The frequently asked question based on the employee module updated in this form. They give detailed information of recent errors that others have faced and give you quick results.

Annexures P2 and P1

These both annexures are both available in the MIS Haryana Portal. It is to help the employee to know about their information already available in the portal while uploading.

User Manual for Admission

This form is for the student admission. This has the basic details already save to help applicants. This will easily understand the process of MIS Haryana Portal and easy ways to get their details fill the portal even on mis.oneschoolsuite.com login

How to Get Forms from MIS Haryana Portal

Are you looking for Forms form Saksham MIS Haryana Portal. Follow these steps to get your preferred form from the official portal as below

  1. Open School education Haryana Portal using schooleducationharyana.gov.in/document-category/mis-forms/
  2. Click on Forms under Menu
  3. Search for your respective form and click on it to open
  4. That’s it, Forms from your MIS Haryana Portal downloaded and available to print. You can follow the same to easily understand the process in the portal.

Does MIS Haryana Portal open for everyone?

The Saksham MIS Haryana Portal is for everyone from Haryana state who are seeking information on school education. Teachers or students or new applicants can anytime access the information form MIS Haryana Portal and use them even at oneschoolsuite and these details are open and are free to access. This is all to which make new users of MIS portal understand it better to use.

Is MIS Haryana Portal Form free to download?

Yes, the forms in the Saksham MIS Haryana Portal and oneschool suite are provided to be free. They will upload by the education department of Haryana state with an aim to bring easy processing of the portal. Any new applicant can use these forms and understand the MIS Haryana Portal in a quicker way.

Do students need to register with MIS Haryana Portal?

Any student who is a part of Haryana education state must register with the MIS Haryana Portal. They can follow the student admission form available in the portal. It is all to get themselves register and to get their unique credentials.

Does MIS Haryana Forms update regularly?

The student admission and registration along with credentials creation forms are similar all the time. Any update will appear in Forms section of MIS Haryana Portal with latest date to bring notice trying to use

Is there a form to Reset Password for Student Login in MIS Haryana Portal?

The password reset is easy step as they can directly use the link to reset the password from login page. MIS Haryana Portal Forms section has the student credentials details form which has the details of password reset. Students can use these details and get their new password for their unique credentials.

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