Haryana Employee eSalary Login Portal Registration

State government of Haryana has launched an eSalary web portal with one time registration to login to provide government added facilities to employee online, where the payslip is a major facility that can be availed by Government employees of Haryana state in different departments.

The data of every employee is loaded into the eSalary website and thus after they successfully sign up, employees can use the online facility, and this process to bring government added services online had made manual effort of accounts departments to be reduced.

Employees are benefited with the eSalary portal payslip as they can require to view anytime and even their personal employee details, and this website is uniquely designed only for Haryana state government employees who are working in permanent job roles and thus other employees should reach the account department for any information.

Requirements for Haryana Employee eSalary Portal Sign Up

To proceed to access the Haryana Employee Pay Slip Login page, employees must get themselves registered first, and in this process every employee must have below required details with them, these details are thus verified and linked to your account to activate your Haryana Employee Pay Slip Login.

  • Employee Code
  • PAN number
  • PARN number or GPF number
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID

Haryana State Government employees need to get them registered first to access the e-Salary Haryana Portal, Thus, follow the below steps correctly and get yourself to Sign Up with Haryana Employee Payslip e-Salary website using your employment details.

Haryana Employee eSalary Login Portal Registration Process

  • Visit the e-Salary Haryana Portal using esalaryhry.nic.in
  • For first time login enter your employee code as Username
  • Next enter same employee code as Password as well
  • Select current year and then code shown in blue box
  • Click on Login button and you will be taken to enter your new password
  • In Change Password Page, enter your GPF/PRAN number
  • Also fill your PAN number, date of birth and Account number
  • Click on checkbox to verify the details provided as per records
  • Give your valid mobile number and email ID for future verification
  • Choose your new password by entering it twice in given column
  • Click on checkbox to verify your details beside every column
  • Click on Update button to confirm the new password and details
  • That’s it, once all your details are verified your new password will be updated to your specific account, If once done, you will be automatically taken to the login page with a confirmation page.
  1. How to get Haryana Employee Pay Slip Employee Code?

    The employee number which is associated with the employment record is termed as employee code or payee code which must be used as username in Haryana Employee Pay Slip Login or Sign Up.

  2. Can I Change Haryana Employee Pay Slip Password Anytime?

    Yes, you have two different ways to reset your Haryana Employee Pay Slip password. Thus, the registered mobile number and email id should be with you to get your password reset done in quick steps through online.