Verify Haryana Employee Username at

In this article we will let you know how to verify your Haryana Employee Username and use it to access the login portal, and this is a secure way of getting an Employee Payslip and every detail published in this website is managed by the state account and finance department.

Government employees are an important source for running the State Government departments with flexible ways, and thus, the Haryana Government has brought an online eSalary haryana login portal for them, which allows them to access their Salary slip through online.

The salary slip associated with an employee can be fetched from anywhere with having access to the internet, and thus, using the employee code, which is also termed as Payee Code, Haryana Employees associated with respective department of state can download e salary haryana pay slip

In e-Salary Haryana official website, the username of an employee is termed as Employee code or Payee code, thus, to verify or get the Payee code for an employee you must follow the below given steps.

How to Verify Haryana Employee Username

  1. Launch your browser and search for e-Salary Haryana official website
  2. Use the link to direct visit the e-Salary website
  3. In website page you can find Quick Link at the right side
  4. Here click on Know Your Payee Code from the list of links
  5. A New Window will open as “Know Your Payee Code”
  6. Provide your Employee Name as Payee name
  7. Next Fill PAN Number, Account Number associated as employment record
  8. Next Enter your GPF number and PRAN number in respective Columns
  9. Click on Search button, wait until your employee details to fetch
  10. Once Verified, Haryana Employee Username which is your Payee Code may shown, thus, you can save it and can use it to access the Haryana Employee Pay Slip login in future.

Lost My Haryana Employee Username?

If you have lost your Haryana Employee Username which is your employee code, then there is nothing to worry, and as the above given process to verify the Haryana Employee Username may used to get your Employee code which is your Username for e-Salary Portal.

I Don’t have a GPF number, how to register with Haryana Employee Login?

During the signup process with Haryana Employee e-Salary website, GPF number and PRAN are mandatory columns, and if any employee who is eligible to access the e-Salary portal and does not have their GPF account or GPF number then you can choose N.A(Not Applicable) which is not applicable from the list of drop downs in the GPF column.

How to Change Haryana Employee Username?

No, there is no option to change the username for Haryana Employee e-Salary portal, and as the employee unique employee code is termed as username to access the e-Salary Haryana portal.