Haryana Payslip Download Online at eSalary ESS Portal

Are you a Haryana State Government employee, then download your payslip in online using employee self service portal on login to esalaryhry.nic.in. just check the process to download the salary statement of monthly earnings and net take home pay after deductions…

eSalary Haryana

Haryana Government Employee Payslip is an important document and thus with the initiative through e-Salary portal. Also, the employee can download their Pay Slip at their fingertips, and the eSalary portal is managed by the Department of National Informatics center Haryana.

The e-Salary system is an online facility that publishes and processes the Salary of employees based on their departments which have now reduced the manual effort by the accounts team, and this system has benefited the Haryana Government to account for the disburse of salaries and distribute them without any manual intervention.

This Online system does provide most facilities to employees through online HRMS login reduces the long queue to collect Pay Slip. This is an authorized document given by their employer or department towards their salary.

Requirements to Download Haryana Employee Payslip

Any employee who is serving Haryana State Government with respect to their department needs. Check the below said requirements to get downloading the Salary Slip.

  • Employee Code
  • Password associate with Account
  • Registered Mobile Number

Here 99employee.com will come across the process to download Haryana Employee Pay Slip through the e-Salary Portal. Make sure you follow every step correctly and get download your Haryana Pay Slip for the required month.

e Salary Haryana Payslip Download

  1. Visit the Haryana esalary portal login online at esalaryhry.nic.in
  2. Scroll down to Authorized Login
  3. Enter your Username as Employee Code
  4. Provide your Password which will generate during Sign Up
  5. Select the Year
  6. Fill the Captcha code shown in beside box
  7. Click on Login button and wait until your credentials are verified
  8. Here click on Edit profile under Main Menu to view your details
  9. Once details are verified, click on the Reports option from the Menu
  10. Select Pay Slip from drop-down to view your Pay Slip
  11. Select Pay Month and Pay Year from drop-down list
  12. Click on Generate report and wait for Pdf to load
    • PDF consists of your Pay Slip for each month, which allowed you to download to your drive using the download option.
  1. Can I get an Annual statement from Haryana Employee Pay Slip?

    Yes, once you have logged into Haryana Employee Pay Slip e-Salary portal, you can view Reports Menu where Annual statement to be selected to view respective year full Pay Slip report, and the selected year Annual report will be loaded in pdf for your view.

  2. What is Haryana Employee Pay Slip?

    Pay Slip is derived as a payment sheet for a respective employee for that month, and it consists of Basic Pay, HRA, Dearness Allowance along with Deductions and earning a sum as Net Salary, where the pay Slip is proof of employment for an employee working in a department.

  3. Can we use Haryana Employee Pay Slip for Government Proof?

    The online Haryana Employee Pay Slip is a primary payment sheet that is now being provided to government employees. Thus, the Pay Slip which is generated from e-Salary Haryana official portal is valid proof and it can be used anywhere as employment proof.

  4. Can I view GPF, NPS status from Haryana Employee Pay Slip?

    Yes, once you download your respective Haryana Employee Payslip from e-Salary portal, and the employees will be able to view their GPF, NPS along with deductions made from their respective accounts from the Pay Slip columns.