Tripura Property Tax Payment Online in each Municipal Council

Steps provide in details about Tripura Property Tax payment in online for each municipal council of Tripura region. Select your Muncipality and Check how to Pay property tax online…

Property Tax is an amount that is levied by the State Government of Tripura to every Property Owner in the state under the Property Tax Act. The Tripura Property Tax amount will be levied yearly for domestic and commercial property which also includes factories, companies and other non-government organizations.

So all the citizens who receive their property tax for the year can follow our article as it helps you understand the process require to followed to make Tripura property tax payment.

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The Tripura Property Tax Payment followed in two different ways, as the property might fall in Agartala Municipal Corporation and Other Urban Local Bodies.

Thus the citizens who are making their Tripura Property Tax Payment have to choose these links from the Official website to make their payment. 

Tripura Property Tax Payment
Tripura Property Tax Payment

Tripura Property Tax Payment

  1. Go to the e-Municipality Urban Development Department official website
  2. Select your Area Muncipality
  3. Enter House Number and Click on Show Tax Due
  4. Confirm the Payment and Click Pay
  5. Select Payment Mode and Confirm the payment
  6. Complete the Payment and Get the Receipt

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How can I pay my Tripura property tax online?

Property owner can make payment for Tripura property tax online from portal as it serves property online services allowing you to make payment via online payment methods.

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Which ULB does my property fall under in Tripura?

You can find out the ULB of your division property which may found from your property tax due receipt or address proofs. Just select the ULB first and then enter your home address, then search and select the address to make your Tripura property tax payment.

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