Kolkata Property Tax Payment Online for Annual Tax

Resident of Kolkata Muncipal Corporation can pay the annual tax in online through Kolkata Property Tax payment gateway with new discount offer, Check the simple steps allowed for Residential and commercial users…

The citizens of Kolkata are levied with a property tax every year (4 quarters) on their properties located in Kolkata Municipal corporation area, and the Property Tax for residential and Commercial properties are calculated based on their location in the city.

The Property Tax is always applicable based on the development of surroundings in Kolkata, as the amount taken as property Tax in due from different areas will be utilized for their development.

Citizens of Kolkata City can use their Kolkata Municipal Corporation Official website and get their Property Tax Bills paid. Here is a step wise process that will guide you to pay your Property Tax.

Kolkata Property Tax Online Payment

  1. Open kmcgov.in in your browser
  2. Hover to Make Online Payment > Property tax > Select Current PD
    • A new page “List of Unpaid Current PD bills” will be loaded with giving you the option of Property Tax
  3. Enter your 12 digit Assessed Number > Contact number > Email ID
  4. Click on Search to first display your details on the screen
  5. Select the Presented Date of Due using radio Button to pay all the bills or Select a single column which you want to pay
  6. Click the Pay button to directly move to the payment gateway page
  7. Verify the Details on new Pop Up > Click OK to proceed to make payment
  8. Select your Payment gateway (Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking) > Click on Make Payment to complete your online payment
    • Once the payment is done, a Receipt number will be generated for your successful payment confirmation. This is an official proof of your Kolkata Property Tax payment confirmation.
Kolkata Property Tax Online Payment Process

Can we get a discount in Property Tax Payment?

Yes, the municipal corporation does give a benefit for 5% to every owner, and this offer is only applicable for the owners who have paid their commercial or residential property tax before the due day with the full amount for a complete year (four quarters) in advance.

Who decides the Rate of Interest for KMC Property Tax?

The Tax rate of Kolkata for residential and commercial properties is seen to be decided by the Municipal Commissioner, and this is based on their development works being done in the area along with the future projects to be laid. By every aspect of Annual Rateable Value, the KMC Property Tax is being imposed with a different interest rate.

Can we be excluded from paying the Property Tax?

No, every owner of Kolkata Municipal corporation does need to make the payment for the property tax, and delay in the payment will lead to imposing interest on their whole amount and further will be strict actions from the municipal officers.