Google Pay Property Tax Payment New Process

Now available Google Pay Property Tax Payment now available for different corporations, Check the new process for property tax payment online with GPay for your municipal corporation dues…

Google Pay which shortly refer as GPay does bring you an option to make the Property Tax payment through bill section. As you know it can help you make a lot of payments and one easy way for using GPay for Property tax payment. So, if you do the payments, then you can learn the process to make property tax payment with GPay from the below process.

How to Pay Property Tax in Google Pay

  1. Open GPay application in your device or website
  2. Login with your mobile number if not registered with GPay
  3. Next move to Billings section and search for Municipal Tax form list
  4. Here selects your service provided form list of provided available
  5. Enter the Property Tax Number and click on search button
  6. Verify the details of property and enter the amount to pay
  7. Confirm the amount and then click on Pay button to proceed
  8. GPay Property Tax payment may successfully once payment confirmed
  1. Do GPay have all Municipal Corporation Listed in their Billing Section?

    There are only a few municipal corporations which register with GPay Application and only those allowed to accept property tax payment from residence. Individuals can check the same by logging into GPay App and finding a list of providers from the Bill section.

  2. Does GPay take any service charge for Property tax payment?

    There are no extra charges levied by the GPay Application for the payment of Property Tax. GPay does act as a middle application and doesn’t charge extra for any tax payment processed by using their interface.

  3. Is Property Tax payment through GPay Acceptable?

    The Municipal Corporation registered them with the GPay through which Google Pay user directly make payment of property tax due. The payment made instantly updated in the Municipal Corporation. The property owner will get update message from the Property Tax department for payment successfully.