Kolkata Property Tax Paid Receipt Download Online

You can download Kolkata Property Tax paid receipt online at any time. Just download the require KMC property tax receipt without login…

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation is responsible for managing the Kolkata city and its citizens regarding all their municipal works. They are highly responsible for well-being for the citizens by furnishing them with services, schemes assign by the State Government. Also to ensure a proper hygiene across city that followed as well.

In this article, we will learn about how to get tax receipts from Kolkata Muncipal Corporation after payment. If you follow this online guide helps you to check Kolkata Property tax receipt online.

In order to proceed further, ensure that you may complete your Kolkata unpaid property tax dues and if you have then you need to have your assessment form number along with the timeline date of the receipt of payment.

How to Download Kolkata Property Tax Paid Receipt

Simply follow the below instructions that will help you find out how you can check your paid receipts for the property tax.

  1. Go to Kolkata municpal tax web portal at kmcgov.in

    Open Kolkata Municipal Corporation official website https://www.kmcgov.in/KMCPortal/jsp/KMCPortalHome1.jsp

  2. Click Online Services

    From the left sidebar click on Online services

  3. Tap Assessment-Collection

    Then under drop down click on Assessment-Collection option

  4. Reprint e-Receipt and Receipt type

    Next from the left sidebar again click on Reprint e-receipt and select the receipt type

  5. Select timeline and assessment number, Click Search

    After that you need to select the timeline date for the receipt and then enter the assessment number, then click on search receipt button

  6. Find the receipt required

    Find out all the receipts of previous property taxes you have paid.

  1. What is KMC Portal?

    The KMC Portal is Kolkata Municipal Corporation that is responsible to manage and ensure proper municipal services, schemes. The aid is provided to all the citizens across Kolkata city. In order to ensure proper service KMC launches online payment for all services such as property tax, electricity and more.

  2. How to pay Kolkata Property tax online?

    You can use the Kolkata Municipal Corporation online portal to make the Kolkata property tax payment. In order to do so, you can visit KMC Portal and click on Make Online Payment. Select Current PD and then enter your Assessee Number, Contact Number, Email ID. Click on pay to complete your property tax payment.

  3. What is KMC property tax waiver scheme?

    The KMC property tax waiver scheme of 2019 and 2020 launched in the light of COVID, and due to which the citizens could not pay their property taxes properly. In this scheme, they provide 8 months of time through which the property tax delayed.

  4. When will take KMC Property tax NOC?

    NOC means No Outstanding Certificate that simply means there is no due pending. In order to get this, you will first need to obtain LOI which means Letter of Intimation.

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  1. I paid my corporation bill Amount of 532 on 20/05/2022, Transaction reference number 3020220000058485
    Kindly send my Receipt to my email id.

  2. I have paid my corporation bill
    Amount 37591 on 27/01/2022
    Transaction reference number
    So please send my Recept and do needfull


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