Find Kolkata Unpaid Property Tax Dues or Outstanding Bills

Here is the new process to find the complete list of unpaid dues or outstanding bills towards Kolkata Property tax issued quarterly against every assessment number…

The government properties as schools, parks, roads, and many more in Pune Municipal Corporation area are constructed with the property tax amount, and It is compulsory to pay the property tax amount by every property owner and there will be strict actions if there is any negligence.

Before making your Kolkata Property Tax payment, citizens should confirm that the amount levied is correct and verify it using the online KMC portal. Here are options which will let you know your Kolkata Property Tax dues.

How to Find Kolkata Property Tax Dues Unpaid

  1. Visit Official Website of Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Click
  2. Click on Make Online Payments Option
  3. Select Property tax and Outstanding (LOI)
  4. Enter Assessed Number and Click on Search Option
  5. Your Kolkata Property Tax dues will be shown on the screen under Demand indicating each row for every quarter
Kolkata Unpaid Property Dues Check Process

Make sure your name and property details are correct and the amount levied as Kolkata Property Tax is exact, and thus if any mismatch in these details can be reported to municipal officials to update the correct tax details.

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