Chennai Corporation Property Tax Online Payment

If you are a property owner of Chennai, then pay your Chennai corporation property tax online through official payment portal using your credit, debit card or internet banking…

The Greater corporation does maintenance, manages, and collects property tax from residents owners of city, and the property which is a building, land, or commercial residence comes under a slab of tax and thus they get levied under Chennai corporation property tax.

Property Tax Chennai

There are 15 zones in Chennai based on which the property tax varies from every residence, and the slab of property tax does vary based on zone and their current monthly reasonable letting value.

Thus the annual rental value is calculated based on property location and plinth area to get property tax, and this amount collected from citizens will be utilized in many developing works of the city and its surroundings in all aspects.

There are online and offline modes to complete Chennai corporation property tax payment, thus you can use any of the following approaches to make your due cleared.

Chennai Corporation Property Tax Online Process

If you have got your debit card or internet banking active service, then use this option to make an online property tax payment

  1. go to official website of Chennai corporation

    Visit chennai (Official source to pay property tax online)

  2. tap on online services then go to property tax and select online payment of property tax

    Click Online Services , Property Tax , Property Tax Online Payment (Hover to Property Tax under the civic services

  3. fill the property details

    Enter your property details to fetch your tax due amount (Provide Zone No, Ward No, Bill No, Sub Number)

  4. tap on submit option and select the online payment method

    Click Submit , Choose Online Option and use any method of payment (Fetch the property tax details)

  5. proceed the payment through credit cards, debit cards, other Net banking

    Use Credit Card, Debit Card or Net banking to proceed and complete the online payment

  • Once Confirmed, the property tax will be submitted, and a confirmation receipt will be available to download for your reference.
  • Property Tax Offline Payment

    In this process we will be using Check or Demand Draft or cash to make the corporation property tax payment by visiting any of the below given places.

    • Tax Collector Office in Municipality Office
    • Authorized Banks such as Indian Overseas Bank, City Union Bank, IDBI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and more.
    • E-Seva centers by Tamil Nadu State Government
    • Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable television Corporation in all Taluk offices

    Property Tax Chennai Calculation

    The property tax values do depend on land plinth area, the rate per square feet, monthly Reasonable Leave Value, and here is the formula which calculates Chennai Property Tax.

    • Plinst Area *Basic Rate per Square Feet = Rs 1000 per month ( assume 1000 sq. ft and 1 re)
    • Annual Rental Value = Plinth Area * Basic Rate Per Sq. ft *12 – 10% of land
    • Annual rental Value = Rs 1000 * 12 – 10 % *1000
    • Annual Rental Value = Rs 10,800
    • Depreciation value = Less 10% Depreciation for Building = Rs 10,800 – 1,080 = Rs 9,720
    • Add 10% building value to above = 1000 * 200 = 1,200
    • Annual value for Land and Building = Rs 9,720 + Rs 1,200 = Rs 10,920
    • Thus Rs 10,920 is the property tax being levied if your land is 1000 sq. ft with a basic rate of 1 re.

    Chennai Property Tax Due Date and Rewards

    Paying property tax timely is a good sign of helping the government in importing public infrastructure, and thus everyone should make their property tax due within the due date to avoid any penalty.

    • The Due date of property tax Chennai is Sep 31st and March 31st
    • A penalty of 1% will be added in total amount if missed due date
    • A reward of discount price will be given if tax is paid timely
    • 20% rebate for monthly RLV if building is semi-permanent
    • 25 % rebate on Monthly RLV in case owner occupied property and
    • 10% rebate in case owner occupied commercial property
    • 1% depression is given for building older than 4 years

    Do we have extra charges to pay Property Tax?

    The amount shown in the property tax receipt will be the end amount that needs to be paid by the property owner before the due date, and in case you’re using a credit card, it might avail service charges for using the credit card for tax payment.

    How to resolve errors while paying Property Tax?

    If you tried to make payment of property tax online and got stuck online, then you can call 044 – 25619258 for an inquiry about any payment-related complaints.

    Can I make payment of Property Tax offline?

    Yes, there are government offices and banks which are authorized to accept Chennai property tax payment, and thus property owners with their details can visit any of these offices and make the due amount cleared.