Assam Employee Login Registration to Access FinAssam ESS

The finance Department of Assam State has got its official website login for their State government employee for registration to access HRMS, and the web portal is headed by the finance department of state which accounts entire Accounting information of employees, that makes the process of distributing salaries to employees. Using this online web

Verify Assam Employee Login Username to Access

In previous articles we have guided on various aspects related to employee at finassam portal, now you may check how to Verify Assam employee username, because many people tend to forget the most important thing that they have to complete when they are first assigned a username and password for their work in Assam Government

Verify Haryana Employee Username at

In this article we will let you know how to verify your Haryana Employee Username and use it to access the login portal, and this is a secure way of getting an Employee Payslip and every detail published in this website is managed by the state account and finance department. Government employees are an important

WBIFMS Registration for West Bengal at

Check WBIFMS login id registration process in online to access West Bengal employee HRMS portal using ESS, Find the successful steps for new registration of each employee to download pay slip and to access all employee facilities… West Bengal Integrated Financial Management System, which terms as WBIFMS, is the official website for the west Bengal

Jharkhand Employee Portal (jkuber) Registration & Login

Do complete Jharkhand employee portal registration at to get complete HRMS access on Kuber IFMS portal to download payslip and to manage employee career details in ESS. Jharkhand state government has brought the Kuber IFMS portal to provide employee related services to every Jharkhand State government employee, and this service can be accessed through