Silver HRMS Features, Services and App Development

Enterprise Resource SAP based Silver HRMS is available for entrepreneurs with mobile applications, Find Features, Services…

Silver Human Resource Management System is simplified HRMS login and operations web based platform which gives a broad range of features that include employee self-services. The forms and everything provided by Silver Touch technologies limited as per the requirement of the company like Shaktiman, Gensol and others.

It seen that most HR professionals do get involve in manual operational activities which takes lot of time. So the comprehensive and integrated HR software from Silver HRMS does help them in making strategic decisions and work efficiently.

The input of these Silver HRMS has helped the organization to spend time on quality of work and also improve the efficiency of business growth. Finally the time for Salary Slip generation, leave calculation and other employee related options is all managed by HRMS and saves much time of the HR profession.

Silver HRMS Features

The service has numerous options that can used by an organization and also here are some important points in regards to Silver HRMS.

  • Business Requirements: HRMS consists of multiple HR Modules and features which will meet all your business requirements.
  • Productive Solution: The HR solution cuts down the manual effort and the cost that is used on the truncation of manual works by the HR department.
  • Timely Decision: This does have a productive interface which does always try to be available on priority hence make business to have timely decisions for growth.
  • Focus on Plan: The strategic plan which has made by the company will set as a goal and moreover same will follow to improve the production.
  • Faster Implementation: The time through HRMS is faster and can easily manage the Admin and finally employees profile to track all data.
  • Web based Solution: The solution of HRMS does help to grow inside and so outside the organization by using the option of implementation as internet, internet or VPN.
  • Multi Location: One portal can be used by all employees of the company. It is from different locations with third party applications like SAP.

Silver HRMS Services

There are multiple services which are provided for business growth. Finally here is the list of services which you can utilize from the Silver HRMS.

  • Employee Self Service
  • Organization Structure
  • Roles & User Management
  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Employee Payroll Management
  • Loan Management
  • TDS Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Training Management
  • Travel Expense Management
  • Resource Booking Management
  • Asset Management
  • Award Punishment Management
  • Timesheet Management
  • Reimbursement
  • Employee Lifecycle
  • Management Suggestion
  • Complaint Management
  • Event Management
  • Credit Society Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • Opinion Poll Management
  • Policy & Forms Management

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  1. Who uses Silver HRMS service?

    An organization which is in need to manage their HR resource and employee information to bring an effective platform for growth of their business can use Silver HRMS. The effective methods and timely decision making category of Silver HRMS are the key services opted by a business.

  2. What is Silver HRMS?

    Silver HR Management Service is a web based solution to have an easy platform for complex HR Management & operations provides by Silversoft. There are multiple employee and business integration services under Silver HRMS which are keen to bring effective growth.

  3. How many employees can be registered with Silver HRMS?

    The Silver HRMS is a wide web application which gives options to numerous employees of an organization. The limit of employees does depend on the product brought by the organization from Silver HRMS and there will always be free hands for numerous employees registration.