Chandigarh Pay Slip Download at Seevarth IFMS Login

Working employees of Chandigarh Government including police dept may download employee pay slip on login to seevarth IFMS portal at…

Chandigarh state government has always seen providing better services to their state government employees, through their Seevarth official website the online services are extended too.

Seevarth is a centralized web-based integrated system that gathers personal and payroll information of every employee, and this is monitored by the finance department of the state which allows the state to easily calculate the Budget Estimation, Monitoring, and Proper authorization.

The SEEVARTH is an official website for the benefits of Chandigarh State government employees, who can start using this service by using the below-given steps.

Download Chandigarh Employee Pay Slip

  • Use the Link to open Chandigarh administration portal
  • Click on eSalary under Common Services > Click on Continue to Login
  • Enter your Login ID along with Password on Sevaarth official page loaded (
  • Click on Submit Button, to accept your credential to load employee page
  • Select the Pay Slip from drop-down > Select the Month and Year of Payslip to be viewed
  • Click on View Pay Slip and let the payslip be loaded
    • That’s it, just download or print the required Chandigarh employee payslip for that month for the employee using the Sevaarth credentials will be displayed on the screen.

Through this Chandigarh IFMS Seevarth Portal, employees can anytime get their employment details along with the Pay Slip provided, and this gives a big relief to employees as well the employer to calculate the total sum spent on salaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages employee data in Seevarth Portal?

The updated information of an employee will be loaded by the Nodal Officer and DDO officer assigned to their department. Based on their inputs on IFMS, the employee salary slip will be calculated online and will be displayed as Pay Slip, and every detail on Seevarth Portal will be monitored by the Chandigarh Financial Accounting system to maintain its importance.

Can anyone start using Chandigarh Seevarth Portal service?

The Chandigarh Seevarth Service is online limited to the permanent employees to get their latest IFMS employee Pay Slip along with other details to be loaded. There are numerous other rotations that can be used by the Chandigarh IFMS portal which can be checked from its official website page.

My Salary credited does not match with Chandigarh Employee Pay Slip, What to Do?

If you have faced any issues regarding your salary credited value which has not been matched with IFMS Pay Slip, and then you need to report a concern to the DDO officer, as he will be a key source of your point of complaint about any mismatch in your data, and this might also due to any of your auto-debit Loans which decrease your salary amount.

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