Jharkhand Payslip Download at Kuber IFMS Portal

Download Jharkhand payslip from Kuber IFMS (कुबेर आईएफएमएस से झारखंड पेस्लिप डाउनलोड करें) | Login with CPS/GPF or PRAN number and print Kuber Payslip directly (सीपीएस या जीपीएफ या प्रान नंबर के साथ लॉगिन करें और कुबेर पेस्लिप को सीधे प्रिंट करें)…

Kuber Integrated Financial Management System is an employee specific portal brought for to download Jharkhand employee payslip for those serving in different State Government departments, and this portal allows employees to access their personal data and as well have a quick view to their financial data.

The services like General Provident Fund, Employee Pay Slip which has details of Leave, Statement, Service history, Leave Encashment and more can be accessible from Kuber IFMS portal.

Employee need to get themselves required to get registered to Jharkhand Employee Portal using their employee details and thus using this unique password assigned they can access the Kuber employee portal

Requirements to get Jharkhand Employee Payslip

To have access and download the Jharkhand Payslip Employee Pay Slip, an employee needs to get some basic requirements. Thus here are the important points that need to check before going to download the payslip.

Jharkhand Payslip Download

As to get the Jharkhand Payslip, employee needs to login and access their Kuber IFMS official portal login, and thus follow these steps shown below which will guide you to get your Pay Slip download in easy steps.

  1. Go to jkuber.jharkhand.gov.in to open Kuber Integrated Financial Management System Official page
  2. Select Kuber Employee Portal and let a new page opens in New Tab
  3. Enter your CPS/ GPF or PRAN number used during employee registration
  4. Now pass the Password in next column followed by Code shown in box
  5. Click on Login button and wait for a while to verify your details
  6. Once done, Employee Page may load with your unique access
  7. Here Select Pay Slip option and then select the appropriate Year/month from options
  8. Click on Get Report and then Save the option to download the file
  9. That’s it, Jharkhand Payslip for state government employee for selected month of Year downloaded from Kuber IFMS portal. Do not forget to logout once you have accessed your data from this portal employee page.
  1. What services Kuber IFMS Jharkhand Payslip Employee Portal Provides?

    The Services like checking of General Provident Fund, Advance Leave encashment, Pay Slip, Leave Statement, Service History, Salary Details, Contribution, Recovery, Benefits and more, where every employee related information can be accessible through Kuber IFMS portal.

  2. Can we change Mobile number in Kuber IFMS portal Employee Login?

    Yes, if you have lost or wanted to change numbers with Kuber Employee Login, and then you need to reach to your DDO assigned and request them to change your mobile, also once they have updated successfully it will be automatically linked with your account.

  3. Can I reset my Kuber IFMS portal Password?

    Yes, the password for Kuber Employee Portal can be reset through online, and thus employees need to have their registered mobile number to get the new password set.