Spark Salary Slip for Kerala Employee and G Spark for KSRTC

Are you a Kerala government employee, then you can download Spark Salary Slip for April 2024, where as G Spark login may used for Aid Institutions and State PSU employees for Pay Administrative.

A monthly payslip in online HRMS portal towards your requirement or to check the salary details (income, deduction) is available with Spark and G Spark login, So, follow this and print or download Govt employee and KSRTC salary slip from Kerla or G Spark.

Today we will come across Payslip for Kerala state employees through Spark website and G Spark for PSU employees, where the Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala in short known as Spark, an integrated website for employees.

This Kerala HRMS login portal provides a direct facility to check the Account information system, pay slip and other employee pay related personal information.

Spark Salary Slip

An employee is given a Permanent employee number under Spark with a unique password, and this may used to access, this has helped the state government to track information about their employees and a convenient way for employees to check monthly salary pay slip details.

Spark Salary Slip Download

Use Spark website to get the payment sheet download for respective Government employee of Kerala (other than PSU or aided), Follow these steps correctly to ensure to download your monthly Pay Slip.

  1. Visit web portal
  2. Click on Login SPARK button shown on middle of screen in blue
  3. Enter your User id or PEN number and then followed by Password
  4. Click on Sign In after entering the Captcha code shown in box
  5. Once you’re log in, verify your name at top right corner of page
  6. Click on Accounts
  7. Select Salary Slip option from drop down
  8. Click on Get Salary Slip
  9. Select Month, Year to download
  10. Click on Get and your Spark salary slip for the selected month will shows on screen (Payslip for Kerala Employee is now shown in the new tab and from here you can wish to just view or get it downloaded in your device using the options shown)


G Spark is the Government employee webpage applicable for PSU and Aided institution management employees. In this KSRTC is one of the biggest PSU in Kerala state, So have a look at G Spark KSRTC salary slip download process

  1. Open the GSpark webpage using
  2. Enter the PEN number as user code
  3. Provide the registered password
  4. Enter the Captcha characters shown
  5. Click Sign IN
  6. Go to Accounts > Salary Slip
  7. Select Month > Year > Download
  8. Immediately G Spark KSRTC Salary Slip download process started and save on your device.

Requirements to Access Spark and G Spark Login

To access the Kerala government special website to get your Pay Slip, you need to have this basic information and this must require accessing the SPARK and G Spark portal for Login and generate new / forgot password as well.

  1. Permanent Employee Number
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Email Address
  4. Mobile Number

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What does Kerala Employee PEN mean during SPARK login?

PEN stands for Permanent Employee Number, and this may used as your login id while you try to log into the SPARK and G Spark Kerala employee HRMS platform.

Is Spark portal applicable to download KSRTC salary slip too?

Spark is the portal only for all government employees of Kerala (other than PSU), So, G Spark KSRTC salary slip may download through G Spark login only with valid credentials.

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Is Spark HRMS login the official website for Kerala Employees?

Yes, this is the official Kerala employees HRMS website through which you can check your employee details, information and download payslips as well, where as G Spark is the portal for KSRTC salary slip download.

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