iOSMS Pay Slip Online for WB Education Employee Salary

Now you can print or download iOSMS pay slip in online with eHRMS portal designed for primary and high school teacher or any employee working in education department under Government of West Bengal, Get registered for iOSMS portal with your concerned and check your salary details in iOSMS pay slip login…

iOSMS V2 Payslip

This initiative to bring Salary Slip online has become an easier work for financial official in disbursement for each employee, and the lengthy process of calculating and proving hard paper Salary Slip to every employee was always a length & headache task for the financial department, where the new online facilities under the iOSMS (Integrated Online Salary Management System) website or eHRMS portal bring an effective way to record the total annual salaries paid to employees of education department.

Primary and High School Teachers and other employees of Grant in Aid schools of West Bengal can use this HRMS Portal Login to generate iOSMS pay slip as an official proof for any kind of work, Being a government supported website the online generated slip can also be shown as employment proof to avail any kind of Loans.

What Does WB iOSMS payslip Contain

Pay Slip is an important source for every employee who has been working in any kind of department, where salary payment sheet of the respective month for any employee, the list of his Net Salary will be delayed. Parameters like Basic Salary, HRA, PF Contribution, EPF Contribution, Loan Deduction, Medical Insurance Claim, Benefits, Extra Allowance, Tax Deducted are calculated in one’s Salary Slip.

Employee details like Name, UAN number, Department of Work, Location of Work and Date of Month of IOSMS pay slip will also be shown in Online generated payment Sheet, and the full details of an employee earning with their personal details can be verified using any month iOSMS pay slip.

Teaching being an important part of government development programs and providing an Online facility to such employment holders will reduce their time to walk to office and even this convince will surely benefits in Strems of education.

Since everything has gone online now, getting iOSMS Salary Slip slip for any respective month is easy from E HRMS portal, and the official website of Integrated Online Salary Managing System provides you an interface to get your monthly payslip generated in quick steps, So do follow the below given steps which will guide you to generate the pay slip.

iOSMS Pay Slip Download

  1. Firstly, you need to have got yourself registered using Registration process
  2. Open your browser and visit
  3. Click on Login button at right side
  4. Login page will be loaded in New Tab
  5. Select respective user which your Employment belongs from drop down list
  6. Now Enter your Username followed by password received after Registration
  7. Type the Displayed Captcha Code in Empty and then Click on Login button
  8. Your details will be verified and will be taken to Employee Page
  9. Select Employee Payslip Generation Option and then click on it
  10. Here Enter your Date of Birth followed by Mobile Number
  11. Select Year and Month of Pay Slip to be generated
  12. Click on Submit button now and wait for select Pay Slip to display
  13. Use option of Download or Print to get your Pay Slip offline
    • Make sure the mobile number submitted to be the Registered mobile number, otherwise the verification of details won’t be successful, and Pay Slip will not be generated.

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  1. Can all Teachers of Education Institutes in West Bengal avail this iOSMS pay slip Features?

    No, only Government Teachers [Primary / Secondary (High School)] and Government related institute employees of education department in West Bengal state can register themselves using the Registration process to avail iOSMS online payslip facility.

  2. Why is iOSMS pay slip Online is Important?

    Getting your Payment sheet for the current month or previous month thoroughly online at your Desktop, and the time spent visiting the nearest Education Department office will be reduced by generating Online Pay Slip.

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