CGHS Rate List 2021 for Different Cities in India

Find the new rates list of CGHS approved, Check the new rate list of 2021 applicable for each Health care package, Identify the revision of rates from time to time to identify the confusion before joining into the empanelled hospitals in various locations at different cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru etc..

The Central Government Health Scheme is a large organization governing the Health and wellness for more than 35 lakhs of Indian government central employees, and In order to ensure correct health measures are taken, there are different rates for medical procedures, health check-ups and hospitals billing rates for Government empanelled hospitals are listed.

There are more than 2,000 Item rates that are not only the Medicines or health consulting costs but includes everything from OPD to surgeries as well.

CGHS Rate for Different Cities

One of the important things that people need to know is that, the CGHS rate list is different for every state and city and is not the same anywhere, and the Rate list consist of different medical procedures and hospitals empanelled which are not the same in any region that should be taken into account.

But the Central Government Health Scheme has initiated a previous amendment through which the CGHS rates are different for Citizens of the state form non-citizen, and this is done in order to prioritize the citizens but at the same time the rate difference is never too much and it will only vary in 5% – 10% which is a blessing in disguise.

You can find the CGHS rate for any of your preferred city from their official website and in this article we will show you how to access those rates before you start consulting for your health and check-ups.

CGHS Rates for Empanelled Hospitals

The main thing is the course of Medical action and in order to determine you will have to reach out to CGHS empanelled hospital from the list on the official website, and the empanelled means the Hospital which is recognized by the CGHS department and is readily available to consultant and operate different medical necessities at the mentioned rates from the list.

There Two PDFS available under the Empanelled Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres and Rates section of the CGHS official website.

CGHS Rate list for State: This will hold the rates for all the empanelled hospitals across the given states and same rates are allotted for all the hospitals that are listed under the Empanelled hospitals list.

List of Empanelled Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres: The above rate list determines the rate for the medical procedure and health check-up, While this list will have the hospitals and diagnostic centres recognized by CGHS to provide you medical necessities at the given rates.